Jellyvision Renews its Commitment to Data Security with SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

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This month, we’re pleased to announce that Jellyvision has received its SOC 2, which recognizes companies for meeting rigorous data security standards. This designation reinforces our promise to protect our customers’ confidential information, and we’re proud to be acknowledged for the compliance guidelines that have driven our business for years.

What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 is a set of standards to make sure software companies (that’s us!) are properly managing and protecting their customers’ (that’s you!) data. The compliance framework is based on five principles: 

Security: preventing unauthorized access to your data

Availability: aligning on how accessible your data is to us, as agreed upon in a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Processing integrity: making sure data is complete, valid, accurate, timely and authorized.

Confidentiality: ensuring data is restricted to a specified set of people or organizations. 

Privacy: securing personal identifiers, like names, addresses, and social security numbers. 

Why did Jellyvision seek out SOC 2 compliance? 

We’re making lots of exciting updates to the ALEX platform this year, like single sign-on (SSO) and logins for employees. Since many of these updates involve using our customer’s data, we wanted to make sure our products meet the highest level of security requirements as we’re rolling out these new features.

What this means for you

To earn our SOC 2, Jellyvision’s products and services were fully audited by a third party to ensure we comply with the data security standards mentioned above. 

While protecting your data has always been our top priority, this further confirms our commitment to keeping your confidential information safe. SOC 2 is the most stringent when it comes to data security, and SOC 2 compliance is now a minimal requirement for most companies when looking for new software vendors. 

That means if you’re thinking about partnering with Jellyvision, your approval process just got easier—your legal and compliance teams will be especially happy to hear this news.

Want to learn more about SOC 2 and what it means for you? Contact us!

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