It's time for empathetic retirement plan education.

Whether they’re a new employee opening their first 401(k) or a longtime team member planning their retirement party, ALEX expertly prepares employees for post-career financial wellness. 

ALEX helps employees look
forward to life after work.

Folks are living and working longer. ALEX prepares all team members (and their family members) for near- and post-retirement with essential retirement plan education to protect both their wallet and wellness.

Education that starts early and often

The median 401(k) balance in the United States is just $35,345—not enough to survive retirement! ALEX educates and empowers people to start planning early in their careers.

Remarkably successful savings guidance

After a fun, memorable conversation about financial planning, ALEX users contribute 31% more to their retirement accounts than the national average.

Healthcare support for near-retirement employees

The average Medicare beneficiary has access to 43 different plans making the process confusing and frustrating. ALEX cuts through the noise to offer clear, comprehensive retirement plan education.

Choose-your-own-adventure learning

Interactive conversations or text-based learning, English or Spanish paths, video modules, and a library of resources. Inclusivity starts with allowing employees to choose how they want to learn about retirement.

ALEX Medicare + financial planning support = better-informed retirement decisions.

Make sense of the alphabet soup.

It’s a whole new healthcare. Parts A, B, C, and D…oh my! ALEX Medicare helps beneficiaries make sense of it all with a one-on-one conversation that explains Medicare eligibility and enrollment dates, how Medicare works with Employer-Sponsored Insurance (ESI), coverage options, and costs.

Unbiased, simply helpful education.

While many third-party marketing organizations push generalized or biased Medicare guidance, ALEX Medicare was created only with the employee’s best interests in mind. It’s just helpful, unbiased advice.
The same goes for 401(k) forecasting and retirement planning resources.

Even easier financial planning.

ALEX highlights retirement financial planning benefits like HSAs and 401(k)s with forecasting tools that put savings goals into perspective—no matter the age or life stage of the employee.

Let’s demystify employee benefits, together.

From enrollment to in-the-moment healthcare decisions, ALEX will be by your side.

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