Benefits Decision Support & Open Enrollment

A benefits decision support tool that works for everyone.

ALEX blends behavioral science, predictive analytics, and humor so employees confidently understand and enroll in the right plans, without breaking the bank. Less administrative work for HR teams and benefits pros = more time for human connections.

ALEX turns open enrollment into a starting line for better year-round benefits engagement. 

A smarter and more delightful enrollment experience primes employees to make better in-the-moment benefits decisions every time they have a healthcare need.

open enrollment guidance

ALEX has studied employee behavior for over a decade, and knows how to eliminate confusion and protect your organization’s benefits investment.

Data-driven decision support

AI-powered technology and predictive analytics provide employees with personalized, proactive foresight about their upcoming health and financial needs.

Anywhere, anytime advice

ALEX is there when you can’t be—like a Saturday ski accident or a midnight 103-degree fever. Offer employees access to round-the-clock benefits guidance when they need it most.

More benefits awareness,
less HR stress

ALEX makes sure nothing slips through the cracks during open enrollment with timely email and text reminders that keep your clients and/or employees informed and engaged.

Benefits decision support designed for everyone.

The right experience for 
every employee.

Everyone learns differently. That’s why ALEX offers a text-based, fast-path benefits experience—in English and Spanish—to give employees the flexibility they deserve.

More inclusive family conversations.

Benefits decisions aren’t made in a vacuum. Employees often have spouses, children, and other dependents to consider. With ALEX, employees can quickly and easily compare their medical plans with their family members for better, more informed decision-making.

Let’s demystify employee benefits, together.

From enrollment to in-the-moment healthcare decisions, ALEX will be by your side.

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