Onboarding & Offboarding

Give your employees the onboarding and offboarding experience they deserve.

Switching from one employer’s benefits package to another used to be confusing, draining, and all-around hard. Now, ALEX is here to guide your people through the process—whether they’re saying hello or goodbye.

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ALEX makes benefits more engaging for new and departing employees.

From their first day to their next adventure, ALEX guides your workforce towards smarter benefits decisions at every turn.

Comprehensive benefits education for new employees

Starting a new job is hard enough. ALEX makes the choosing benefits part easy, with a stress-free, one-on-one convo informing new hires about all available resources and benefits.

Increase retention with positive onboarding experiences

A first impression is a lasting one. Set new folks up for success with an exceptional benefits experience that keeps them happy, healthy, and engaged long past their first week.

Offer support throughout the entire employee lifecycle

From new hire to retire, ALEX guides employees towards benefits that give them the right coverage at the best cost. And when folks depart, ALEX is there to ease the transition.

Streamline your HR team’s processes

Even the best-intentioned HR teams can’t provide benefits guidance to every employee—but ALEX can. ALEX offers personalized education and recommendations to all team members. Go ahead, clock out early, you deserve it.

Create meaningful benefits interactions at every point in your employees’ careers.

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New hire, meet your new benefits.

2 in 5 employees don’t receive benefits information before their first day. Show off your organization’s robust health and wellness offerings with custom videos that highlight just how well you’ll care for your new hires when they become an employee.

Help departing employees navigate changes.

A bad last impression at offboarding can lead to negative reviews, reduced trust in your company’s leadership, and a lower rate of return for “boomerang” employees. Offboarding Resources educates departing employees about what’s next for their benefits, streamlining the offboarding process for everyone.

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Let’s demystify employee benefits, together.

From enrollment to in-the-moment healthcare decisions, ALEX will be by your side.

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