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We’ve teamed up with leading national and regional brokers to help them solve clients’ biggest benefits communication challenges. See how ALEX is helping consultants save time, rein in benefits costs, and win more business.

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How ALEX helps benefits consultants

ALEX helps employees make better decisions about their benefits, which helps HR teams make the best decision of all—doing more business with your firm.

Makes Your Communication
More Effective

ALEX engages employees using behavioral science, easy-to-understand language, and a dash of humor to help employees understand their benefits and make smarter decisions. In fact, more than 80% of employees say they better understand their benefits after using ALEX.

Drives Down Your Clients’
Benefits Spending

Clients save on premiums and payroll taxes when employees make good benefits choices with ALEX. In 2018, clients that used ALEX saved a potential $79 million in payroll taxes and $300 million by driving employees to best-fit plans—the kind of savings that lead to serious kudos for their broker.

Saves Time for Benefits Strategy

When you deliver clients world-class benefits communication through ALEX, you free up for what clients really hired you for—benefits design. Plus, less time giving benefits presentations? That’s pretty sweet.

Helps You Win More Business

Offering ALEX gives you a competitive advantage. And once ALEX is in place, it encourages good decisions across the benefits package. Nearly 70% of our partners say ALEX increased participation in 1 or more lines of coverage—like a client that increased voluntary benefits enrollment to the tune of 843%.

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Work at an insurance carrier or HR tech company? ALEX can enhance your offerings, too. Connect with our Partnerships team to discuss integrations and other ways of working together.

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