How ALEX Supports Employees From New Hire to Retire

Welcoming new employees to your company is exciting, right? The promise of a fresh start, the joy of meeting new coworkers, the opportunity to go out for a welcome lunch…it’s a lot to look forward to. 

But when we say goodbye to employees who leave? Well, we tend to put in a little less effort. In fact, 80% of employers have a formal onboarding program, but only 29% have a formal offboarding process. 

And that’s a problem, for many reasons. It can be easy to dismiss employees who are on their way out, but supporting employees throughout their entire life cycle—from their first day to mid-career to retirement—is becoming increasingly important.

Why? Well, first and foremost, our workforce demands it. In recent years, employees are reconsidering what they value when it comes to work, and they’re holding their employers to a higher standard. That means we have to put in a lot more effort to support our staff at every phase and provide them with the resources they need to succeed. 

Second, our employees are living longer—and working longer, too. But we haven’t traditionally spent a lot of time focusing on end-of-career support, like 401(K) guidance and Medicare education. That’s no longer acceptable, as research reveals that employees aren’t as prepared for retirement as they should be:

The median 401(k) balance:

Lastly, guiding employees through every stage of life is good for retention and our employer brands. Employees who feel happy, healthy, and engaged at work are more likely to stay—and they’re more likely to spread the word about their positive experiences at your company. And that’s good for the bottom line:

Replacing one employee can cost up to
their annual salary

That’s why we’re so proud of what we’ve built here at Jellyvision. Our benefits engagement platform, ALEX, is a partner to your employees from new hire to retire, guiding them through important health, wellness, and financial decisions at each step of life. The result: stronger connections between employer and employee, a greater return on your benefits investment, and an all-around more engaged workforce. 

Here’s how ALEX does it.

New Hire

As you welcome new employees to your organization, ALEX sets them up for success by introducing them to your benefits offerings and helping them decide which plans are the right fit for them.

Sneak Peek Videos

ALEX offers Sneak Peek videos that set the tone for your company culture and give your employees bite-sized servings of your benefits plan. Share the New Hire video during the interview process, when you make an offer, and on their first day to show candidates how you’ll support them as an employee, and help them think about their benefits choices ahead of time.


Choose your own adventure! ALEX Go is a compact, text-based version of Benefits Counselor, available in both English and Spanish and built for mobile. It offers in-depth decision support on the go, so employees can learn about their benefits on their own time and pace. Enhance the experience with easy-to-use smart tools, educational video content, interactive calculators, and more. Plus, ALEX Go makes it easy to compare health plans with other family members’ plans, giving employees more confidence in their decisions.

Watch our webinar, From OE to Offboarding: How ALEX Supports Employees at any Stage for more insights.


As employees grow with your company, ALEX gets smarter and more transparent by learning more about each individual person, keeping them engaged with their benefits—not just at open enrollment, but year-round.


Predictive Analytics Meets Behavioral Science

Earlier this year, Jellyvision acquired Picwell, a benefits decision-support company. We’ve combined Picwell’s predictive analytics technology with Jellyvision’s time-tested behavioral science approach to connect more humans with highly personalized benefits guidance, throughout their careers. 

Behavioral science studies human actions—and how our own biases, lack of knowledge, or previous experience can influence our decision-making. ALEX uses behavioral science to identify common benefits pitfalls and steer employees toward the right plans and decisions for them—based on their own personal health, finances, and other factors.

Predictive analytics uses vast amounts of data from similar groups of people to identify how likely it is that a future event will happen. When it comes to benefits, we’re using predictive analytics to guide employees towards healthcare choices that will give them the best coverage at the best cost, based on their own unique health and financial situations. 



Over time, as ALEX gets to know your employees even better, the platform can offer even more personalized recommendations. ALEX ID allows employees to create an account where they can save the information they’ve shared during their interactions with ALEX. Employees can always pick up where they left off, and keep track of their choices year after year. 

Plus, ALEX uses that saved information to send highly personalized and confidential reminders and tips to employees about their benefits. These messages give you a chance to connect with your employees year-round about the benefits that matter most to them.


Open Enrollment Benefits Communication

We’ll handle your communications during open enrollment. ALEX includes expertly crafted, time-tested messaging that encourages employees to take action during open enrollment. 

Having ALEX handle your communications lets you focus on more important tasks like strategy and planning. Here’s what’s available in our open enrollment benefits communication tool:

  • Up to six open enrollment messages 
  • Choose your delivery method: emails, texts, or a mix of both
  • Create excitement and encourage action up to two weeks before your open enrollment period starts through the last day
  • Configure your messages for two different employee segments
  • Includes two custom paragraphs
  • Testing and allowlisting support with one list update and two revisions
  • Includes demographic tracking and analytics


Smart Tips

Smart Tips is a library of benefits video resources that employees can access anytime they need them, throughout their time at your company. These videos are designed to answer common employee questions about key benefits topics, without burdening your HR team. Each video includes a customizable FAQ section, where you can link to your company’s unique benefits guides and resources.

Pre-retirement & Offboarding

When employees prepare to leave your company for another role or retirement, ALEX makes it easy to give them the resources they need. 

Offboarding Resources

Offboarding Resources help employees navigate the uncertainty of offboarding with ease. Hosted on ALEX Central, this new series of content supports your employees by providing important benefits information as they depart your company, no matter their reason for leaving. 

Offboarding Resources guides folks through important to-dos like:

  • Making a plan for health insurance coverage, including COBRA
  • Deciding how to handle HSA and FSA accounts
  • Understanding retirement account options
  • Starting a new career chapter with job search resources
  • And much more

ALEX Medicare

A growing employee population is using Medicare for years before they retire. But with little to no guidance from their employers, choosing and using the right plan is a struggle.

ALEX Medicare helps employees navigate the vast sea of information that lives in the Medicare world. It’s everything you love about Benefits Counselor, extended to your Medicare-eligible employees. 


Now, your people can have a one-on-one conversation with ALEX to learn about: 

  • Medicare eligibility and enrollment dates
  • How Medicare works with Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI)
  • Medicare coverage options and costs


401(k) Savings

Research shows that Americans haven’t saved enough in their 401(K)s to live comfortably. So if they’re waiting until retirement age to fill up their savings account, it’s too late. 

ALEX uses behavioral science to show employees why it’s smarter to save more, earlier. The platform knows that people are more likely to want money in their pockets right now, rather than save for later. But that’s not helpful to employees—because they’re missing out on exponentially more dollars down the road. 

So ALEX shows employees a comparison of their current vs. ideal 401(K) contributions, and how much their money will grow if they decide to save now and spend later. 

A benefits partner for the entire employee life cycle.

Ensuring that employees know about, understand, and use the resources your company has to offer is a tall order. Multiply that by years and years of employment? It’s enough to leave your HR team completely overwhelmed. 

ALEX is here when you can’t be—at every stage of the employee life cycle, from their first day to their last. With a partner like ALEX, your employees will be more informed, more engaged, and more physically, mentally, and financially healthy at every age. Sounds like a win-win-win to us.

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