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Drive greater employee engagement in health and benefits with ALEX.

Choosing healthcare and benefits is hard. ALEX provides benefits decision support and education so you and your HR team have more time to foster those important human connections. 

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employees trust ALEX to make benefits and savings choices
0 M
hours spent helping employees choose their benefits during open enrollment
0 M
influenced in employer health insurance premiums
$ 48.7 B

ALEX empowers your employees and your HR team.

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Make hard decisions easier.

Through one-on-one conversations with your employees, ALEX gets to know their healthcare and financial needs, delivering tailored advice at open enrollment and beyond.

Turn year-round benefits engagement into a reality.

ALEX offers personalized guidance throughout the year by remembering your employees’ preferences—keeping employees engaged and reducing wasted benefits spending for your organization.

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Tackle your toughest benefits comprehension challenges.

We’ll help you transform your approach to employee benefits communication with email templates, texts, printed materials, and interactive experiences proven
to work.

Customers who love ALEX.

Let’s demystify employee benefits, together.

From enrollment to in-the-moment healthcare decisions, ALEX will be by your side.

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