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Capture employees’ attention with benefits messages that stick.

It’s time to give your benefits package the spotlight it deserves.

Grabbing the attention of your employees has never been harder. And when it comes to benefits, employees simply aren’t as engaged as they need to be. A one-and-done email may get lost in the shuffle, and employees aren’t fully empowered to make best-fit benefits decisions. We’re experts at communicating complicated things. That’s why we’re extending our team of dedicated benefits and engagement experts to transform your approach to communicating benefits.

1 in 3

employees have never taken action as a result of their employer’s benefits communications.

2 in 3

employees don’t understand the benefits communications sent by their employer.

Spotlight your strategic initiatives with
Jellyvision Custom Solutions

Tailored emails, texts and printed materials that boost benefits awareness, understanding and interactions

Custom videos highlight top-of-mind benefits and initiatives, like mental health and leave of absence

Interactive online experiences draw employees in and motivate them to engage with their benefits

“[Jellyvision’s custom videos] were lively, educational and easy to understand.”

Happy Benefits Professional

Take your benefits communications to the next level.

Consider us your newest team member.

Leveraging Jellyvision Custom Solutions is like adding a marketer to your team who never takes a sick day.

Experts in benefits engagement

With decades of experience, Jellyvision has mastered the art of grabbing employees’ attention with high-impact messaging that drives benefits engagement.

A partner for your
unique strategy

We’ll align each campaign to your HR strategies, benefits offerings, and corporate initiatives—and we’ll partner with you on how and when we message employees.

Track performance and see measurable results

Our best-in-class analytics enable you to understand communication preferences and benefits actions, tailoring messages to each employee’s unique needs.

What customers are saying:

“There was a lot going on in our office. The whole Jellyvision team really has done a great job and I like the results [of the emails and texts that were sent].”

Texas Municipal County Benefits Manager


increase in ALEX utilization

42 hrs

saved for county’s HR team

Let’s chat about how we can help you finally reach (and engage) employees this year.