Benefits Communication & Employee Experience

Exceptional benefits communication in the moments that matter.

Benefits communication doesn’t stop at open enrollment. Using targeted, inclusive messaging, ALEX meets your people where they are, driving them to smarter healthcare and benefits choices.

ALEX makes your benefits messages stick.

1 in 3 employees never take action on their employer’s benefits communication. ALEX changes that—grabbing their attention (and keeping it!) with science-backed, delightful messaging. 

Benefits experiences as unique
as your employees or clients

ALEX learns about employees over time, offering more personalized recommendations as they share details about their health, family, financial situation, and more.

Important reminders on-the-go

Through emails and texts, ALEX sends year-round reminders, offering employees engaging tips about how to best use their benefits.

There when you can’t be

ALEX is a trusted advisor when employees aren’t comfortable sharing their personal health information
with HR folks or benefits consultants.

Time-tested communication strategies

Over the last decade, ALEX has fine-tuned the best benefits communication strategies to reach employees in
an inclusive, personalized manner via the right volume, frequency, and tone.

Better guidance on employees’ time — not yours.

Get to know your people better with ALEX ID.

Think of ALEX ID as a streaming service for benefits.
It’s a user account that remembers employees, curates personalized recommendations based on their unique health needs, and sends targeted benefits messages throughout the year, in exactly the right moments.

Let the communications expert handle your communications.

Open enrollment season is stressful, but ALEX is here to help. Deliver friendly nudges to keep your employees informed and engaged throughout open enrollment. Our team can even work with you to customize messaging, ensuring the most important points are heard loud and clear.

Let’s demystify employee benefits, together.

From enrollment to in-the-moment healthcare decisions, ALEX will be by your side.

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