Comprehensive Medicare education for better-informed benefits decisions.

A growing population uses Medicare for years before they leave the workforce. ALEX Medicare helps beneficiaries navigate all the parts, plans, and endless coverage options, guiding them toward smarter, more empowered choices.

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Beneficiaries deserve better when it comes to Medicare.

Now, you can offer current and prospective Medicare beneficiaries (and their loved ones!) unbiased education from a trusted resource on Medicare eligibility, enrollment support, coverage options, costs, and more.

By 2035,
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of the workforce will be 70 or above
1 in 5
Americans are covered by Medicare
Medicare beneficiaries have an average of
plans to choose from
0 %
of employees aged 51+ say they know very little about how to choose or enroll in a Medicare plan

How ALEX helps make sense of Medicare.

Every person has a different learning style. ALEX Medicare ensures every beneficiary understands their options.

What best describes you?


Support your employees by providing a trusted source for the latest, unbiased Medicare information.

Add a Medicare expert to your bench.

No need to stay up-to-date on the complex ins and outs and changing regulations. ALEX Medicare gets to know your employees for you through a one-on-one conversation, educating them toward smarter Medicare choices.

Support employees and their loved ones.

ALEX Medicare can educate employees and their loved ones. So whether it’s for themselves, a partner, or a parent—ALEX Medicare can help them make more informed Medicare decisions.

Offer much-needed employee resources.

Instead of merely directing team members to the CMS website, provide interactive education and dynamic video resources to help individuals learn more about Medicare.


ALEX Medicare offers scalable, compliant education for brokers and agencies.

Maximize your efficiency.

Plan options, eligibility, enrollment—Medicare is complex. ALEX Medicare answers the logistical questions, leaving brokers and agents more time for business-driving initiatives.

24/7 access to compliant Medicare education = improved retention.

A dynamic and always up-to-date content library makes for better-informed beneficiaries who are more likely to stay in (and be happy with) their plans, year after year.

Reach beneficiaries in an interactive way.

Your agents don’t have time to create engaging Medicare content. Who can blame them? ALEX Medicare offers scalable video resources and will start conversations for you with a one-on-one experience for users.


Build trust with your members and help them
(and their loved ones) better prepare for the future.

Differentiate yourself from competitors.

Unlike other support options with simple, static content, ALEX Medicare cuts through the jargon to better explain eligibility, enrollment dates, coverage options, and costs—in an interactive, straightforward, inclusive way.

Highlight your robust Medicare plans.

You know you offer high-quality plans, but you need beneficiaries to know that and understand them to enroll. ALEX Medicare provides comprehensive, unbiased education, breaking down complicated information into easy-to-understand modules.

Improve member experience—starting from the very first touchpoint.

When members better understand all their options, they pick the right plan. When they fully understand their plans, they better use their coverage. Education and support are key components throughout the entire lifecycle.

Let’s end Medicare confusion, together.

Help beneficiaries navigate the Medicare maze with ALEX Medicare.

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