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Putting together the perfect, comprehensive benefits package for your employees is a Herculean task. Sadly, as much time and money as you spend on this effort each year, employees still struggle to understand their options and choose the best plan for their needs. According to a recent Jellyvision report:

2 in 5
employees say they don’t understand the benefits communications their employers send
1 in 3
admit they’ve never taken action as a result of their employer’s benefits communication

The truth is, benefits are complex, and generic education and advice won’t cut it. That’s why hundreds of organizations trust ALEX to provide personalized benefits recommendations tailored to the needs of each employee. By taking education and guidance to smart choices off their plate, helping HR teams drive bigger financial results while saving loads of time. Employees crave personalization, so we’ve personalized the benefits experience in a whole new way with ALEX ID. 


ALEX ID remembers your employees—for an enhanced experience and more targeted benefits guidance.

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 So what exactly is ALEX ID? Simply put, it’s a user account that gives ALEX the ability to remember his interactions with employees so that he can send highly personalized, ongoing messages that connect employees to your company-sponsored benefits. It’s kind of like an Apple ID or Spotify login—users get recommendations based on their preferences and taste in music.  When employees share things with ALEX, he applies what he “learns” about their preferences to make personalized recommendations that help boost confidence when making benefits decisions.

With ALEX ID, you can:
  • Personalize the benefits experience with year-round targeted guidance, based on previous interactions in ALEX
  • Gain deeper insights into the preferences of your employee population
  • Boost employee confidence in their benefits decisions, because ALEX will know them personally

We keep your employees’ confidential information safe and secure with SOC2 compliance standards. Annddd, employees who prefer to talk to ALEX anonymously can still do so, even if you offer ALEX ID. Creating an account in ALEX is totally optional. When your employees do create an account, Jellyvision follows all healthcare and privacy guidelines for any data or account activity we collect.

Provide highly personalized and actionable guidance, year-round. 

It’s pretty simple: The more ALEX can learn about your employees, the more precise his recommendations become, and the happier and healthier your workforce becomes. It’s all part of our goal—to help you give your employees a healthy and financially secure future. 

Plus, once he gets to know your employees, ALEX will deliver targeted and highly relevant emails and texts year-round, helping your people navigate benefits decisions in the moment.

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Discover deep insights into employee preferences and behaviors.

Okay, us data nerds are totally GEEKED! ALEX IDs allow us to share new insights about the needs and interests of employees based on how they interact with ALEX’s personalized tips, tricks and reminders throughout the year. We won’t share user-specific PHI (personal health information)—after all, ALEX must remain a trusted resource for your employees—but we’ll be able to share aggregate employee data. Imagine having a general profile of your employees most engaged in their benefits for you to leverage in your benefits decision-making process and all of the communications that follow. 

Build trust for your organization with the help of a trusted advisor. 

ALEX is uniquely positioned to help drive interactions with benefits that can be tricky for your HR team to deliver. Why? Because talking about healthcare is deeply personal — and 58% of employees would rather use a self-service platform than speak with an HR specialist. Employees trust ALEX to explain tricky things that they might not feel comfortable sharing with their employer. This unbiased, dependable, personalized resource helps make cost-savings guidance more actionable—all while building trust for your organization too!

Use single sign-on (SSO) to integrate ALEX into your core tools and ensure compliance with security protocols.  

This open enrollment, at no additional cost, you can improve the employee experience by providing a uniform login experience—allowing employees to use company credentials to log into ALEX using their existing company credentials. 

The best part? Setting up this really important security feature for your organization is a quick and painless process. It takes less than 2 hours for our team to work with your IT team to get this set up. 

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