7 Brand-New ALEX Updates That Will Help You Win Open Enrollment in 2022


Empowering employees to engage with their benefits usually starts at open enrollment. Why? Because it’s the designated time of year to communicate the entirety of your benefits package. And this year, the stakes are especially high—because employees are demanding better working conditions, more flexibility, and a benefits package that supports a diverse range of needs. 

That means your HR team has probably been hustling to put together an exceptional enrollment experience that reminds employees about the investment that you’ve made in keeping them happy, healthy, and financially sound. 

ALEX is your partner in all things benefits during enrollment season, helping you set the stage for better benefits engagement into the next plan year. And while you are gearing up for open enrollment, we have been making enhancements to ALEX to knock your employees’ socks off this year. 

Here’s what’s new:

1. Personalized messages to boost engagement

ALEX ID is a new way for employees to create an account in ALEX that saves their information and tracks their interactions with ALEX over time—building trust and paving the way for an open, ongoing “dialogue” with your employees based on their unique individual choices and needs. 

“One of the ways in which ALEX will help you double down on engagement this year is by sending your employees personalized messages based on their interactions with ALEX during open enrollment.”
Danielle Kyser
Senior Product Manager

When folks create an account, they opt in for year-round reminders and tips from ALEX about how to best use their benefits. These messages are highly personalized to each employee’s unique situation, based on what ALEX has learned about them over time.

For example, ALEX will send emails to remind employees to take certain cost-saving actions and use their benefits to the fullest potential. Or if an employee hasn’t scheduled their preventative annual exam, ALEX will nudge them to do so. As we learn even more about how employees interact with their benefits this year, we’ll be able to develop even better ways for ALEX to communicate with them year-round.

From enrollment to year-round benefits engagement, ALEX has your back.

2. Pair ALEX with the tools you’re already using

This open enrollment, at no additional cost, you can improve the employee experience by providing a uniform login experience—allowing employees to use their existing company credentials to log into ALEX. 

Single Sign-On (SSO) for ALEX ID offers a seamless login experience, giving employees one less password to remember. Plus, it’s an important security feature that’s quick and painless to set up. (Your IT team will thank us!) 

3. Communicate benefits on your employees’ favorite device: their mobile phone

It’s Open Enrollment, Okay? There’s limited time and resources to pull off what seems to be impossible. You’re finalizing your offerings, crafting a series of email reminders, and finding creative ways to engage remote employees—all while trying to breathe.  The bottom line? You are stretched thin. 

Now, you can centralize all your benefits information and boost benefits engagement on a device where employees are most likely to find and use it—their phones. ALEX Connect quickly and easily connects employees to everything benefits related—like detailed plan info and benefits guides. 

This modern version of a benefits portal allows you to showcase your benefits investment just the way you want to! We’ll help you tailor the employee experience to fit the unique needs of your workforce. 

“The beauty of ALEX Connect is its flexible app design. There are a ton of features and integration options to choose from. You’ll be able to design the app to highlight your organization’s top priorities, no matter what they are.”
Jane Gabriel
Partner Operations Manager

During open enrollment, give employees a front and center gateway into ALEX or your benefit admin portal, host your benefits guide, and store other important benefits-related material like Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs). 

ALEX Connect gives you the power of push notifications and helpful reminders right to  employees’ phones, meeting them where they already are. Deploy push notifications to your entire workforce or strategically targeted messages to specific groups of employees—whether that be for friendly open enrollment reminders, teasing newly added benefits, or nudging them to spend the remainder of their FSA funds. 

ALEX Connect gives employees the ability to easily shuffle through everything they need to make smart benefits choices. Plus, it provides a new way for your team to reach employees and encourage certain actions—like enrolling in benefits.

4. Leave the benefits communications to us

Benefits communication certainly isn’t as simple as it used to be. It’s become harder than ever to reach employees wherever they are, and compete with the barrage of messages they’re receiving. Instead of DIY-ing your open enrollment messages, leverage our team of experts to transform your approach to communicating benefits. We’ll handle every aspect of crafting and delivering behavior-changing benefits campaigns, leaning on our decade of benefits engagement best practices. With simple, succinct, to-the-point messages that capture employees’ attention and compel them to take action, we’ll make sure your benefits offerings are finally understood, so your employees feel decision ready come this open enrollment. 

“Crafting the perfect email or text message (and ensuring it’s going to the right people) may be taking away time spent on your benefits strategy and other initiatives that can positively impact employees. Let us step in as an extension of your team so you can focus on your core responsibilities.”
Ashley Murphy
Communications Strategy Manager

And with flexible communications packages, rest assured that your employees will receive the messages you want them to receive—on a timeframe that works for you. So if you need some time back in your day, we’re here to help employees understand and use their benefits packages to their full potential. Connect with our team of experts to take your open enrollment benefits engagement strategy to the next level.

5. Innovative, custom, digital solutions that highlight your entire benefits offering

On top of our benefits communication packages, we can also round up our team of experts to execute your special projects.

The HR teams we partner with have shared that they’ve been investing more than ever in their benefits packages right now. And, it’s hard to make sure employees are receiving and digesting the messages you send. But despite those efforts, employees aren’t understanding or interacting with your benefits packages, so those investments may be going to waste.

Jellyvision is your partner in creating custom videos and interactive experiences that tackle the most challenging communication and engagement gaps.

“We can be that extra team member during these busy open enrollment months. We’ll help you create unique assets—microsites, custom videos, interactive conversations—you name it!”
Betsy Frymire
Associate Creative Director

We’ll work with you to understand your key initiatives, identify where the gaps currently are, and recommend ways to approach your challenges and meet your goals. And once we determine a path forward, we’ll arm you with data to continue to get smarter about how to effectively reach your employees starting at enrollment—but using this as a baseline for continued engagement throughout the year. 

6. Elevate the employee experience with a refreshed ALEX

On top of all of that, employees want and need a better experience when it comes to learning about, choosing and using their benefits. So, we’ve given ALEX a makeover, just in time for open enrollment, to offer an even better experience for your employees.

“Our #1 goal as creators and designers of Jellyvision products is to help our users. We want ALEX to delight your people, so they better understand and engage with your benefits offerings.”
Austin Heller
Lead Interaction Designer

The new design isn’t just vivid and engaging; it further demystifies your benefits to employees. We’ve improved ALEX Benefits Counselor by re-scripting and editing content for an easier to use—even more trustworthy and enjoyable ALEX experience. All these changes to Benefits Counselor are a continuation of our mission to delight your employees, ensuring better understanding and interaction with your benefits offerings. 

7. A reimagined ALEX Central designed to make marketing easier

To better meet your needs, our marketing hub and library of materials that help you publicize and promote ALEX to employees has gotten its own makeover. We’ve made it even easier for you to find the resources you need to promote the ALEX experience. 

And to help you get your employees excited about the refreshed ALEX experience, we’ve revamped ALEX Central. Expect new banners, fliers, posters, fliers, postcards, one-pagers, presentations, briefs, instructional guides, emails, and illustrations.

“We’re really excited to be offering a variety of new collateral on our completely redesigned site. You can find everything you’re looking for by using the navigation bar, filtering by resource or searching by topic area, plus you can download all the content you need at once with just a few clicks.”
Rachel Lombardi
Growth Strategy Manager

We’ve even created a brand new Open Enrollment Toolkit that includes a comprehensive communication schedule and editable resources to help ensure a smooth plan selection process for your employees.

There’s more than enough on your plate this year, HR folks. You’ve become a COVID expert. A strategic advisor to your C-suite. A therapist for struggling employees. A government regulations aficionado. So if prepping for open enrollment sounds like a total chore, you’re not alone. 


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