6 New Ways ALEX Can Help You Win Open Enrollment


It’s the Olympics of HR, the World Series of benefits, the Super Bowl of healthcare decisions…open enrollment! While HR pros like yourself have had months or weeks to finalize the benefits you’ll be offering your employees for the next calendar year, your employees have just days to make their decisions—ones that will have a lasting impact on their health and finances for the next twelve months. That’s why rolling out plan changes, new benefits, or even new carriers to your employees is a huge burden that can feel especially challenging without the right communication and engagement plan.

Templates to help you communicate benefit changes to your employees.

While you’ve been training in the offseason to build an exceptional benefits package, your friends at Jellyvision have been hard at work creating an experience that helps you take your open enrollment goals over the finish line. 

As always, ALEX is your teammate in all things benefits during open enrollment season. Here are some enhancements we made to ALEX to help your company have a successful open enrollment season:

1. ALEX gets to know employees better

This year, ALEX has some new questions in order to give everyone their personal, best-fit benefit recommendations. ALEX will now ask if any planned hospital stays, surgeries, or certain specialist visits are on the horizon in order to recommend plans that fit the known needs your employees have. 

In addition to expected pregnancies, ALEX will now ask about inpatient surgeries, outpatient surgeries, physical therapy and chiropractor visits, and mental health visits.

ALEX has some new questions in order to give everyone their best-fit benefit recommendations.

2. Plan recommendations revamped

This year, we’re rolling out a new way for ALEX to display plan recommendations. Instead of basing a plan’s fit on a number one through 99, your employees will now see plans that are the Best, Good, Fair, and Poor fit for their individual needs.

ALEX will now display plan recommendations that are Best, Good, Fair, and a Poor fit for employees' individual needs.

This new plan recommendation model helps your employees quickly and easily understand which plans ALEX thinks will work best for their health, finances, and family, while also providing a more detailed explanation as to why a plan was given its rating.

ALEX provides a more detailed explanation as to why a plan was given its rating.

3. Leave the benefits communications to us

You know the pump-up video that plays on the Jumbotron before your favorite team’s game? The one that excites the audience and lets them know something big is about to happen?

That’s what the Benefits Sneak Peek video does for your employees. This customized video is your highlight reel of what’s new for open enrollment. And, new this year, your Benefits Sneak Peek video has an updated look and feel! You’ll still be able to input the same benefits information to excite your employees and inform them about open enrollment, just in a fresh, new package.

And, instead of DIY-ing your open enrollment messages, pass the baton to our team of experts to transform your approach to communicating benefits. We’ll handle every aspect of crafting and delivering behavior-changing benefits campaigns, leaning on our decade of benefits engagement best practices. With simple, succinct, to-the-point messages that capture employees’ attention and compel them to take action, we’ll make sure your benefits offerings are finally understood, so your employees feel decision-ready come open enrollment.

Increase awareness and interactions of your benefits with help from the Jellyvision team.

Crafting the perfect email or text message (and ensuring it’s going to the right people) may be taking away time spent on your benefits strategy and other initiatives that can positively impact employees. Let us step in as an extension of your team so you can focus on your core responsibilities.
Ashley Murphy
Communications Strategy Manager

With flexible communications packages, your employees will receive the messages you want them to receive—in a timeframe that works for you. When you need some time back in your day, we’re here to help employees understand and use their benefits packages to their full potential—without running down your clock. Connect with our team of experts to take your open enrollment benefits engagement strategy to the next level.

4. Pair ALEX with the tools you’re already using

Give your employees the MVP treatment this year. By offering Single Sign-On (SSO) for ALEX ID, you can give your employees a seamless login experience. And, when your employees sign in with ALEX ID, they’ll get to skip filling parts of the profile the next time they talk to ALEX. ALEX ID users can also opt-in to receiving year-round communications from ALEX, reminding them to utilize their benefits and make the most of their elections. It’s a win-win—you get to be the Caitlin Clark of Benefits and your employees have one less password to remember! 

And, remember to promote ALEX in your existing Benefits Administration platform. Your teammates at Jellyvision can help ensure that ALEX is front and center in all of your existing tools during open enrollment, and beyond.  

5. Ready-to-use promotional materials

Now that you know all the goodies ALEX has to offer, it’s time to tell your employees all about ALEX. Head to ALEX Central, your home base for promotional materials to get your employees excited about talking to ALEX.

Share flyers with employees to help promote ALEX during open enrollment.
ALEX Central has ready-to-use ads.
Images are available to add to your own promotional materials.

We’ve added new materials to ALEX Central over the years, and 2024 is no exception. Plus, we gave ALEX Central a new look and feel this year, so be sure to check it out! From ALEX Central, you can also join our exclusive fan club for customers, Friends of ALEX, to get inside intel on what’s hot in the HR profession and get a first look at new ALEX features. 

6. Medicare education for all

Last up to the bat, but certainly not least, is ALEX Medicare! Though it’s not necessarily an open enrollment player, we know leaving it off the roster could lead to some of your employee population striking out. 

ALEX Medicare can be used by all of your employees, and their friends and family, to give them CMS-compliant Medicare education, help them enroll, and even help them decide which plan to enroll in.

While you have your employee’s attention during this open enrollment season, toss ALEX Medicare into your benefits presentation to show your support for aging employees and their loved ones. 

Whether this is your first or fifteenth open enrollment season with ALEX, we hope these tools and tips will help your team bring home a gold medal!

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