3 Ways ALEX Shines a Light on Your Voluntary Benefits

When discussing benefits, most people talk about medical, dental, vision, and retirement. But that’s often just scratching the surface of the robust available programs and plans. It’s important for current and prospective employees to know about ALL the benefits you offer, not just the “core” options that are typically top of mind.

These additional benefits, commonly called voluntary benefits, provide increased value to your employees. Often optional and offered at little to no cost, voluntary benefits can fill in the value gaps your employees may be feeling if medical plans change or plan prices increase.

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During a turbulent year or amidst cutbacks, voluntary benefits can be a way to remind employees, “We still see you, we appreciate you, and we want you to live your best life.” 

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At Jellyvision, some voluntary benefits we see our customers offer include life insurance, short and long-term disability, hospital indemnity insurance, critical illness insurance, pet insurance, EAPs, tuition reimbursement, student loan repayments, mortgage insurance–and many more. Seriously, we see it all!

But the most important question about voluntary benefits is: do your employees know they have access to voluntary benefits? Quickly followed by: Do they know how they work, how to choose them, and how to use them? 

That’s precisely why ALEX supports more than just medical and retirement benefits. We believe the best way to get employees to adopt all benefits is increased awareness, understanding, and ease of use. (Not to mention, well-leveraged benefits confirm ROI for your organization while also saving employees money, win-win!) 

Here’s how ALEX shines a spotlight on your voluntary benefits and boosts both education and enrollment:

ALEX covers any topic (big and small)

Voluntary benefits often deal with sensitive topics that can feel uncomfortable to discuss with HR coworkers. ALEX offers a safe and discreet experience to explain and educate your employees about things like life insurance, AD&D, disability, or EAPs. 

We’ve also revamped the ALEX Benefits Counselor Hospital Indemnity Insurance module with brand new animations and voice explanations from ALEX—available this upcoming enrollment season! These built-in features make it easy for you to communicate complex and often, serious or scary topics to your employees through ALEX and ensure they know their coverage options. 

ALEX explains what Hospital Indemnity Insurance is and when it's needed.
ALEX explains when and how funds are distributed.

ALEX helps showcase your unique benefits offerings

Pet insurance, infant bassinet rentals, menopause support…is your company levering cutting-edge voluntary benefits that you’d like to promote to current and prospective employees? Good news! The Jellyvision Custom Solutions team can ensure everyone at your company knows about these unique offerings by creating either text-based explanations or entirely custom modules.

Let’s highlight those not so ordinary, but very beneficial benefits you’ve spent time, resources, and money on! ALEX will make sure they’re communicated to team members in a single session, no benefit is left behind. 


ALEX connects you with employees year-round

Sometimes life gets in the way of remembering all those nitty-gritty details. Especially when those details were decided during open enrollment last year. That’s why ALEX has several avenues to communicate with employees and empower them to utilize their benefits—voluntary or not—throughout the calendar year: 

ALEX Central 

ALEX Central is your one-stop digital hub, chock full of promotional content ready for you to send to your employees! You can access editable email banners, fliers, and more—just download and share with your employees whenever, and wherever, you need them.


When team members create an ALEX ID, they receive reminder emails from ALEX with benefits and wellness intel. Plus, they have access to a library of helpful resources. Messages include information on preventive care, financial wellness, Medicare, and trend-based content based on hot topics (and no, not the store you used to hang out at the mall).

Users who opt-in to ALEX ID get year-round communication on how to use their benefits through emails, texts, and on-demand content.

Year-Round Benefits Communications 

While open enrollment is often the defining event of our year, employees need help year-round. That’s why we have a multitude of resources for new hires, qualifying life events, and just plain ole’ reminders so your employees are supported no matter when they have questions. 

Voluntary benefits and beyond

Whether you’re adding additional Voluntary Benefits this upcoming plan year or highlighting current offerings so your employees make the most of their elections, ALEX is there to help you cover it all. 

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