gary is not a pie chart.

He’s a guy who works for you, doesn’t use his HSA, and loves bread. Jellyvision’s ALEX provides personalized interactive explanations based in behavioral science, so that Gary can make better benefits decisions quickly and get back to learning how to say “dinner roll” in every language.

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Trusted by Over 1,000 Companies

Evie Tyrrell

Benefits Steward

638 Eligible Employees

“ALEX helps my coworkers digest all the information we’re throwing. I just love that little guy.”

David Madej

Benefits Consultant

“When it’s come down to a prospect deciding between me and another broker, I’ve won out, in large part because I was offering ALEX and they weren’t.”

Melissa Dulin

Benefits Project Specialist

90,000 Eligible Employees

“ALEX helped us increase FSA participation by 30%. It’s both helpful and genuinely fun.”


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