How to Have Tough Employee Benefits Conversations with Your Workforce: A 7-Step Guide (with Templates)

Thanks to the biggest healthcare cost increase in a decade, you’re likely scrambling for ways to contain spending for your organization and your employees. Maybe you’re switching healthcare providers, changing network designs, or swapping out plans for more cost-effective options. 

But you’re also well aware that your total rewards package is one of your most precious recruiting and retention tools, and has a huge impact on how employees perceive you. So if you’re making changes to your benefits package this year, you’re faced with a tough challenge: how can you effectively communicate changes, while maintaining strong employee-employer relationships? 

Experts predict a
increase in healthcare costs in 2024

In this guide:

  • Step-by-step tips to help you notify employees of benefit changes
  • Time-tested communication strategies from Jellyvision’s decade of experience
  • Email, text, and Slack message templates that you can copy and paste

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