Introducing Offboarding Resources: A New Way to Complete The Employee Lifecycle

What happens when an employee leaves your company?

It might be easy to dismiss folks who resign, retire, or are laid off, and move on to rehiring for open roles. But providing employees with a positive offboarding experience is more important than you might think. Not only is it an important compliance and risk management measure, but the way you say goodbye can have a lasting impact on your employer brand. 

A bad last impression can lead to negative Glassdoor reviews, less-than-favorable LinkedIn comments, and reduced trust in your company’s leadership. Neglecting the offboarding experience can also result in a lower rate of return for “boomerang” employees. Especially for industries like retail, construction, and manufacturing, a positive transition can encourage staff members to come back down the road:

Across all industries
of new hires are actually boomerang employees
In retail
of new hires are boomerang employees
In manufacturing
of new hires are boomerang employees

That’s why we’re proud to offer a whole new way for employers to bid farewell to former employees.

Introducing Offboarding Resources

Offboarding Resources help employees navigate the uncertainty of offboarding with ease. Hosted on ALEX Central, this new series of content supports your employees by providing important benefits information as they depart your company, no matter their reason for leaving. 

Offboarding Resources guides folks through important to-dos like:

  • Making a plan for health insurance coverage, including COBRA
  • Deciding how to handle HSA and FSA accounts
  • Understanding retirement account options
  • Starting a new career chapter with job search resources
  • And much more

Easily accessible content

Offboarding Resources is available to your entire team via ALEX Central, our library of materials that help you publicize and promote ALEX to your employees. The content is universal enough that anyone can use it, without needing to customize it to your company’s benefits package or specific offboarding procedures. 

Helpful email templates

Offboarding Resources also include a set of email templates to help you communicate with departing employees. Whether you’re helping one employee transition out of their role or you’re working with a larger group, ALEX will serve as an extension of your HR team to help you share key messages and reduce the number of questions you field during the offboarding process.

Support for the entire employee lifecycle

From new hire to retire, ALEX is there to guide your employees through the complicated benefits maze. Offboarding Resources completes another piece of that puzzle, by supporting your people during an important transition. The result: more confident healthcare decisions, and a more positive perception of you as an employer. 

"Leaders must remain empathetic for those who leave the company. Provide internal support and external resources for your team who may need help during the transition."
David Windley
Forbes Council Member

Ready to learn more?

Reach out to your Jellyvision account rep or book a demo to find out how ALEX can help your departing employees make smarter benefits choices. 

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