Last year, we released a new feature to the ALEX platform that lets employees create an ALEX ID for an account in ALEX that streamlines their experience and provides more personalized recommendations over time. Now, ALEX is compatible with single sign-on (SSO), so your employees have one less password to remember.

Password frustration is real, and it takes time away from your employees and your IT team. In fact, a recent study uncovered 57% of full-time employees had to reset their password for their work account in the last 90 days.

SSO is an industry standard practice, and refers to a single log-in that employees can use to access multiple company accounts. When you offer employees the ability to create an ALEX ID, you can do so with SSO, so all company credentials—including ALEX—are seamlessly linked.

ALEX ID with SSO allows you to: 

  • Ensure compliance

Logging into ALEX is safe, secure and credentials are aligned with existing company IT and security protocols.

  • Maintain control

You’ll have better control over employees’ access to ALEX and can manage everything in the same system as other company accounts.

  • Remove barriers

Provide a uniform log in experience for employees by eliminating the hassle of creating a separate username and password.

Plus, ALEX is compatible with all major SSO providers and it takes less than 2 hours to set up!

Give employees more control over their future

By offering employees an ALEX ID, you’re giving them more control over their future. ALEX will remember them and learn more about their health and wealth situations, resulting in more precise benefits and savings recommendations. Plus, SSO helps to make signing into ALEX a breeze. Employees log into the platform like they normally would for any other company account. 

SSO is now available with select ALEX packages. 

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