ALEX now gives employees the option to create an ALEX ID for an account in ALEX that remembers them over time.

Putting together the perfect, comprehensive benefits package for your employees is a Herculean task. Sadly, as much time and money as you spend on this effort each year, employees still struggle to understand their options and choose the plans that are best suited for their needs.

According to Metlife’s 17th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study:

Only 2 in 5 employees strongly believe their employers’ benefits communication is simple to understand. 

Only 37% of employees strongly believe their employers’ benefits communication is customized to address their personal situations.

The truth is, benefits are complex and generic education and advice won’t cut it. That’s why hundreds of organizations trust ALEX to provide personalized benefits recommendations tailored to the needs of each employee. By taking education and guidance to smart choices off their plate, HR teams drive bigger financial results, while saving loads of time. Now, we’re personalizing the benefits experience in a whole new way by remembering your employees each time they use ALEX. 

ALEX ID allows ALEX to remember your employees, for an enhanced experience and more targeted guidance.

Now, at no additional cost, you can offer your employees the option to create an ALEX ID. Simply put, an ALEX ID creates an account in ALEX that saves your employees’ information to simplify their experience and it allows for more targeted guidance.

With ALEX ID, you can:

Increase personalization based on previous interactions in ALEX

Streamline their experience as ALEX will remember key details from last time and provide recommendations more quickly

Boost employee confidence in their benefits decisions because ALEX will know them

Use single sign-on (SSO) to integrate ALEX into your core tools and ensure compliance with security protocols*

Keep your employees’ confidential information safe and secure with SOC2 compliance standards

For employees who prefer to talk to ALEX anonymously, they can still do so, even if you offer ALEX ID. Creating an account in ALEX is totally optional. When your employees do create an account, Jellyvision will be following all healthcare and privacy guidelines for any data or account activity we collect.

Unlock more opportunities for engagement.

Further, when you offer your employees the chance to create an ALEX ID, you can take advantage of more opportunities for employee engagement. ALEX will have their information saved—opening the door to new possibilities like personalized messages and tailored reminders to help your employees keep taking cost-saving actions all year long.

Spend less on health care and improve health outcomes.

It’s pretty simple: The more ALEX can learn about your employees, the more precise his recommendations can become, and the happier and healthier your workforce becomes. It’s all part of our goal—to help you give your employees a healthy and financially secure future.

*The ability to leverage SSO is only available with select packages.

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