It’s that time of year—2020 open enrollment is finally here.

And as much time and money as you spend putting together comprehensive benefits packages each year, employees still struggle to understand their options and which plans are best suited for their needs.

According to Metlife’s 17th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study:

Only 2 in 5 employees strongly believe their employers’ benefits communication is simple to understand. 

Only 37% of employees strongly believe their employers’ benefits communication is customized to address their personal situations.

The fact is, health care benefits are a complex topic and blanket education and advice won’t cut it. In the last decade, we’ve all come to rely on tailored guidance with robo advisors like Wealthfront and budgeting tools like Mint, and picking the right benefits is just as vital to your organization’s bottom line and your employees’ pocketbook.

That’s why hundreds of organizations trust ALEX to provide personalized benefits recommendations tailored to the needs of each individual employee. By taking education and guidance to smart choices off their plate, HR teams drive bigger financial results, while saving loads of time. Now, ALEX is taking the employee experience and benefits recommendations to a whole new level by remembering employees’ information each time they use the platform.

Introducing a login for employees with ALEX ID

This open enrollment, employees will have the option to create an ALEX ID, for an account that simplifies their experience and remembers them year after year. Tracking employee interactions with ALEX helps us unlock the ability to deliver more personalized savings and benefits guidance over time. Plus, employees will have increased confidence that ALEX’s recommendations are speaking directly to their unique health and wealth situation.

Over time, an ALEX ID for employees will help you:

Deliver an enhanced experience that remembers employees each time they log in

Improve recommendations and tailored guidance based on previous interactions

Increase positive outcomes with recommendations customized to individual needs

We know HR teams are stretched thin — especially in the middle of a global pandemic. ALEX does the heavy lifting while ensuring your employees get the personalized benefits recommendations they need for a healthy financial future.

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