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Why Technology Still Hasn’t Solved the Employee Engagement Problem

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Putting the “Human” Back in Benefits

When you need a hug, do you think “where’s the tech for that?” You’re more likely looking for a trusted friend, colleague, family member (or pet!) than a robot. 

So as we talk about employee engagement, it’s interesting that technology is so often a centerpiece of those conversations. We latch onto a shiny new app, or we’ll roll out a new ERP module, and expect the employee experience to magically improve. Really?

Let’s take a look at why tech has failed us when it comes to building more human connections with our employees, and what we can do to fix it.

In this white paper, learn: 

  • Why employers are scrambling to build stronger relationships with employees
  • Why benefits are such a huge part of the employer value proposition
  • Why technology has failed to solve benefits engagement
  • The way forward: benefits engagement technology that works for everyone

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