Introducing Custom Solutions: A Better Way to Engage Your Employees

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Transitioning to remote work in the last two years has improved our lives in countless ways. But one downside? The overwhelming number of communication channels needed to engage our employees. Email. Zoom. Teams. Calendar reminders. Texts. Slack. Carrier pigeon.

It’s become harder than ever to reach employees wherever they are, and compete with the barrage of messages they’re receiving. And unfortunately, when it comes to their benefits, your employees just aren’t getting the memo: 

2 in 5
employees don’t understand the benefits communications they receive
1 in 3
employees have never taken action as a result of their employer’s benefits communications

That’s bad news for employers, who have invested more than ever in their benefits offerings in response to the pandemic. If your employees don’t know how to choose, use, and make smarter choices around their benefits, that’s a whole lot of wasted investment on your part. In fact, C-suite executives say they waste 53% of their healthcare spending every year due to employee confusion.

So how do we cut through the noise to meet employees where they are, with the right benefits messages?

Introducing Jellyvision Custom Solutions

We’re proud to announce the launch of Jellyvision Custom Solutions, a service to help HR teams increase employee engagement with captivating, action-oriented messages during open enrollment and year-round. 

Leave the benefits communications to us

As a benefits pro, your list of responsibilities has grown exponentially in the last two years. You’re a high-velocity recruiter. A strategic partner to your C-suite. A therapist for struggling employees. A healthcare expert. So if adding “benefits marketer” to your job description sounds like a chore, we hear you.

Jellyvision Custom Solutions is like adding a marketing expert to your team. We’ll handle every aspect of crafting and delivering benefits campaigns, leaning on our decade of benefits engagement best practices. With simple, pithy, to-the-point messages that capture employees’ attention and compel them to take action, we’ll make sure your benefits offerings are finally understood and used to their full potential. And with flexible communications packages, you can rest assured that your employees will receive the messages you want them to receive — on the timeframe that works for you.

Custom solutions image

What sets Custom Solutions apart?

Highlight benefits that attract and retain talent

Whether you call it the “Great Resignation” or the “Great Reshuffle,” keeping employees happy is likely top of mind for you. We’re here to build awareness around all the ways you invest in employee well-being: physical, mental, and financial. Jellyvision offers employees personalized recommendations, helping them interact with the benefits best suited for them. 

Add to your HR Team 

Add a virtual team member who never needs a sick day! Jellyvision has mastered the art of grabbing employee attention and motivating them to act. With a deep understanding of benefits and engagement, we’ll help you consistently reach employees with high-impact messages. These campaigns can be tied to seasonal events, support enrollment, or promote initiatives like retirement benefits, diabetes and hypertension support, mental health and leave of absence. 

Measure messaging effectiveness and adoption 

Our best-in-class analytics enables Benefits Managers to understand their employees’ communication preferences and benefits actions. With insights around different audience segments, you can tailor specific benefits messaging to each employee’s unique needs and preferences.

Ready to learn more about Jellyvision Benefits Communications?

How a Local County Reinvented Their Communication Strategy and Increased Benefits Enrollment 

The HR team for a local county was struggling to connect with hard-to-reach employees, who were primarily deskless, essential workers. They were spending too much time attempting to share important benefits messages that ultimately didn’t reach employees, or compel them to take action.

So Jellyvision’s Custom Solutions team deployed a segmented, multi-touch messaging plan, executing print, text and email communications. Leveraging benefits engagement best practices, Jellyvision’s communications successfully reached and educated employees at the right moment, saving the county’s HR team hours of time. 

increase in ALEX utilization
0 %
hours saved for county’s HR team
“There was a lot going on in our office. The whole Jellyvision team really has done a great job and I like the results [of the emails and texts that were sent].”
County Benefits Manager

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