How ALEX Personalizes the Benefits Experience for Every Single Employee

In the world of human resources, we love an acronym. HSA, PTO, EAP…heck, we even shorten our own profession to “HR.” 

But perhaps the most popular acronym in recent years? DEI, or diversity, equity, and inclusion. It’s a long-overdue response to the inequities that are baked into just about every institution we encounter: from the healthcare system to hiring practices to company culture.

And while we’ve made some significant improvements in how we build, nurture, and retain diverse workforces, we’re now facing a whole new wave of problems that need our attention. You may think you have a grasp on the DEI basics, like building a health equity action plan or supporting a multigenerational workforce, but recent workplace and legislative changes are unveiling a whole new range of employee needs that are yet to be met. 

From cost of living increases to untenable childcare expenses to the return of student loan payments, it’s more turbulent than ever out there—and your workforce is facing a whole new slew of problems. 

That means you’ll once again need to diversify how your company offers support. No two employees will use your benefits package in the same way, and they want personalized guidance that will point them toward only the resources that are most relevant to their needs.

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But your already-overworked HR team doesn’t have time to keep up with every global change happening right now, or sit down with each and every employee and direct them towards the benefits that are most helpful for them specifically. 

You need a benefits advisor that will evolve with your constantly changing workforce, personalizing the benefits journey and helping you strengthen your connection with your team members. And that’s exactly what our platform, ALEX is here for. 

Why ALEX is the secret to a truly personalized benefits experience

ALEX is a benefits engagement platform that has helped millions of employees make smarter benefits decisions at open enrollment and beyond. Like an extension of your HR team, ALEX is there every time your workforce uses their benefits, nudging them towards choices that will help them stay healthy, save money, and take greater advantage of all your company has to offer. 

Here’s how ALEX tailors the benefits experience to each and every user:

1. ALEX gets to know each individual employee

Every time an employee uses ALEX, the platform gets to know them personally. ALEX Benefits Counselor asks users about their family makeup, health history and financial situation, so that the platform can make smarter recommendations that will offer the best coverage at the best cost. 

The best part? We’ll let you in on what ALEX has learned about your employees, too. Our analytics dashboard offers simple, real-time reporting so that you can monitor the success of your benefits package and gain insights into employee behavior. From there, you can evolve your benefits program design, prioritize high-performing benefits, and control costs.

ALEX asks questions to get to know employees.
Over time, ALEX gets to know employees to streamline their experience.

ALEX also helps employees anticipate and avoid risks, by asking how much users have saved up for surprise healthcare bills, or if they’d like to factor in any unexpected doctor visits. Bases covered! ✅

2. ALEX puts the “personal” in personalization

Once ALEX has a clear picture of each employee’s unique situation, the platform leverages predictive analytics and behavioral science to make plan recommendations and nudge employees in the right direction.

How does it work? ALEX uses predictive analytics to compare each user with claims data from millions of Americans. From there, our algorithms predict how much healthcare coverage each employee will need, and how much they’ll spend in the upcoming year. Then, ALEX uses behavioral science principles to study employee behavior, pinpoint common benefits decision-making pitfalls, and steer them toward the plans that will give them the most bang for their buck.

Curious to learn more about how predictive analytics and employee benefits go hand-in-hand?

3. ALEX remembers employees over time

Like an old friend, ALEX remembers employees every time they have a question about their benefits. With ALEX ID, users can create an account that saves their information, streamlines their experience, and fosters smarter choices as ALEX learns more about them over time. 

ALEX ID also offers single sign-on (SSO), so that you can integrate ALEX into your other core tools. And as an employer, ALEX ID facilitates two-way communication between you and your workforce, offering deep insights into your employees’ preferences and behaviors so that you can better target your benefits messaging.

ALEX ID example screenshots

4. ALEX lets employees choose their own adventure

No two people want to learn about their benefits in the same way. That’s why we created ALEX Go: a compact, efficient, text-based interactive benefits experience available in both English and Spanish. 

Made with mobile users in mind, ALEX Go lets employees click through a shortened version of ALEX Benefits Counselor to discover their best-fit benefits on their own time and at their own pace. With easy-to-use smart tools, video content, and interactive calculators, it’s just as engaging as other ALEX experiences—but is inclusive to more audiences.

For example, ALEX Go offers family plan comparison, allowing employees to look at their own healthcare options as well as the ones available to their other family members at other employers. From there, they can decide which plan is the best for their family’s health needs and wallet.

A stronger employee-employer relationship starts with ALEX 

You and your employees both want the same thing: to feel more connected to each other. And a truly diverse workforce means that each individual employee has their own unique needs. 

To meet those needs, organizations must embrace true personalization that facilitates a two-way conversation: allowing employees to share their wide spectrum of health and wellness concerns, and giving employers an opportunity to show up with the right resources for every single person.

And that conversation needs to constantly evolve with our workforces. The key to achieving that goal at scale? A constantly evolving benefits engagement tool like ALEX.

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