8 New ALEX Essentials enhancements that will help employee benefits consultants like you succeed

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ALEX is your partner in all things benefits, helping you achieve better benefits engagement at open enrollment and throughout the plan year for each of your unique clients. As you gear up for another busy open enrollment season, we wanted to share (and remind) you of some enhancements that will impress your clients and make your day-to-day a little easier this busy season. 

Here’s what’s new:

1. More opportunities to promote your clients’ specialized benefits and programs.

Easily promote your clients’ specialized benefits and programs, like legal assistance programs or pet insurance, with text-only modules at no additional cost. We’ve added three more modules in ALEX Benefits Counselor where you can add your own content (text-only) to promote your clients’ most unique and specialized benefits or programs.

2. Self-publish Sneak Peek videos in a snap. 

Help your clients highlight and tease their high-valued benefits during enrollment and onboarding with Sneak Peek videos. Now, you can self-publish your Benefits Sneak Peek (BSP) and New Hire Sneak Peek (NHSP) videos in under a minute without coordinating with the Jellyvision team. Tailor each video in ALEX Builder to include the most relevant benefits messages and offer employees an engaging look at what’s ahead. You’ll have more control and flexibility with this self-publish option so that you can take care of your clients on your own time. 

3. ALEX has a new look! 

We’ve given ALEX a makeover,  just in time for open enrollment. We’ve improved ALEX Benefits Counselor by re-scripting and editing content for an easier to use—even more trustworthy and enjoyable ALEX experience. The new design isn’t just vivid and engaging; it further demystifies benefits for your clients’ employees ensuring a better understanding and more interaction with their benefits packages.

4. A reimagined ALEX Central designed to make promoting ALEX even easier.

And to help you get HR teams and their employees excited about the refreshed ALEX experience, we’ve revamped ALEX Central. Finding the resources needed to promote the ALEX experience is even easier. Search for materials effortlessly by using the navigation bar, or filter by resource and/or topic area. Be sure to check out new promotional materials like banners, fliers, posters, postcards, illustrations, and more!

5. A more streamlined and secure ALEX experience.

We’ve personalized the benefits experience in a whole new way with ALEX ID. ALEX ID gives employees the option to create an account in ALEX that remembers them over time. This open enrollment ALEX ID will be available to all your clients, paving the way for more targeted guidance from ALEX throughout the year. And to sweeten the deal, we’re offering Single Sign-On (SSO) for ALEX ID at no additional cost for each of your clients. It’s quick and painless to set up, and your clients will thank you for this important security feature. 

6. Put critical benefits information in the pocket of every employee

Give your clients an innovative, one-stop-shop mobile app so employees can find what they need the moment they need it—with ALEX Connect. This modern version of a benefits portal allows your clients to showcase all that they’re investing in their benefits in a way that fits the unique needs of their workforce. Plus, it provides new ways for your clients to reach employees and encourage specific actions—like enrolling in benefits. 

7. An ALEX interface that gives employees more flexibility—in English and Spanish

Last year, we introduced ALEX Go, a compact, text-based experience available in English and Spanish to provide employees more flexibility with how they interact with ALEX. Remind your clients to take advantage of this alternative to the traditional, interactive Benefits Counselor experience for medical plans and tax savings accounts guidance. 

8. Drive more engagement with voluntary benefit offerings. 

Don’t forget that you can help make your clients’ voluntary benefits more visible by configuring ALEX to cover these benefits directly after the medical module. By addressing accident and critical illness coverage earlier in the decision-making process, ALEX helps boost benefits satisfaction by helping employees better understand the value of these supplemental benefits, so they’re better protected financially. 

You’ll do better when your clients do better, so make sure they’re getting the most out of ALEX Essentials this open enrollment season.

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