5 Reasons Benefits Pros Choose ALEX Over Other Decision Support Tools

It’s a question we get asked a lot…”What makes ALEX so special?”

And while we here at Jellyvision have an arguably biased understanding of exactly why everyone should be friends with ALEX, we know why the question comes up so often. After all, many benefits administration platforms and HR systems come with their own built-in decision support tools that claim to help employees sort through the complicated and confusing world of healthcare. Sometimes, it’s even included in the cost of the platform and integrates with the tools HR teams and employees are already using. 

So it makes sense that benefits pros might wonder why they should bother seeking out other options. After all, if there’s a tool right there at your fingertips, why shop around?

It turns out that most benefits decision support platforms are…well, run-of-the-mill. They might offer basic benefits education, but they often have limited functionality and little personalization, which means employees aren’t actually getting the answers they need to make smarter benefits decisions. 

In other words, they might check the box when it comes to providing employees with decision support, but they don’t do much else. And that’s simply not enough, because employees are still in the dark when it comes to their benefits—and that’s bad for them, and for you as their employer. 

of Gen Z employees aren’t confident they know what open enrollment is
0 %
1 in 3
employees have never taken action as a result of their employer’s benefits communications

Employees need someone they can trust with information about their benefits—from basic healthcare needs to details on the new pet insurance that’s hit their plan. 

Here comes the good news! There’s an alternative solution, and its name is ALEX. Here are just a few (of the many, many reasons!) why our customers say ALEX is a cut above the other decision support tools available to them. 

1. ALEX prioritizes engagement, not just education

Unlike other benefits decision support tools, ALEX goes beyond a simple explanation of the different plan options organizations offer. Tools that offer a side-by-side comparison leave the real decision-making up to the employee, which can be challenging when so many factors are involved—like personal health, finances, family makeup, and more. Instead of clarifying complicated choices, check-the-box tools result in frustrated employees and more noise for HR teams.

Instead, ALEX has a human-like, one-on-one interaction with employees. The platform makes personalized recommendations about which benefits are the best for them based on their own unique situation. 

And ALEX isn’t just an open enrollment tool, either:

  • ALEX Connect is a mobile app that puts benefits guidance in your employees’ pockets, offering year-round push notifications and reminders in the spot where your employees are most likely to find and use them—their phones.
  • ALEX ID is like a streaming service for benefits. It’s a user account that remembers employees, curates personalized recommendations based on their unique needs, and sends targeted benefits messages throughout the year, in exactly the right moments.
  • Our Custom Solutions can create unique, year-round messages just for your employees that drive greater awareness, understanding, and use of your benefits package.

2. ALEX puts employees’ needs first

ALEX’s number one priority? Employees. Not your organization’s preferences, not your broker’s sales goals, and not your insurance carrier’s bottom line. 

That means ALEX can offer the best benefits recommendations to the people who actually use it, without fear of bias or hidden motives. Over the course of a decade, we’ve tested and fine-tuned behavioral science principles that put employees’ needs first, by helping them understand their options and nudging them towards the right decisions for their own family’s health and wallet. 

And as misinformation and healthcare scams become a growing problem, especially for aging employees, access to trustworthy benefits education has never been more important. 

Real news article headlines about Medicare confusion.
"One of the best parts about ALEX Medicare is that it’s completely unbiased. The tool gets to know the user on an individual level, and gives them information that’s tailored to them based on their personal situation. The tool is independent of financial incentives, so we don’t try to guide the user to one type of plan over another based on what’s best for us or the bottom line. We do what’s best for the user."
alex mohr
Alex Mohr
Senior Director of Product and Data, Jellyvision

3. ALEX fosters two-way communication between employee and employer

When it comes to how employees most want to learn about their benefits, their preferences are a bit of a mixed bag. According to recent Jellyvision research, 41% of employees say they’d prefer a one-on-one conversation with an HR rep. On the flip side, other research says that 58% of employees want a self-service tech platform.

Whichever way you spin it, two truths are clear: employees want a deeper connection with their employer, but they might be hesitant to share sensitive healthcare information with people they see at the office every day. 

That’s where the right technology can help. ALEX is available when your HR team isn’t, like when their child breaks a leg during a soccer game and they suddenly need an in-network emergency room, or at midnight when they’re finally making that chiropractor appointment and need to know what’s covered by insurance. And ALEX listens when employees aren’t comfortable sharing openly—like when they’re trying to have a baby, or are struggling with depression, or are concerned about a recent diagnosis that may affect their ability to work. 

By offering a trusted, confidential platform where employees can seek benefits guidance, you’ll create a comfortable dialogue with your workforce that makes them feel seen, heard, and valued. 

"This is more than just a job for your employees. Technology can never replace the powerful connections that they form with each other. But when used in a constructive way, technology can support those relationships. And for us as employers, it strengthens the employee experience – and ultimately, our employment value proposition."
Dana Hamerschlag
COO, Jellyvision

4. ALEX creates smarter healthcare spenders and savers

It’s no secret that healthcare costs are rising. And when employees misuse or overspend on their benefits, it hurts them—and you.

C-Suite leaders say
Of their healthcare spend is wasted due to employee confusion
0 %
ALEX users save
more in their HSAs than the national average
0 %

ALEX combats wasted spending by breaking down healthcare costs in a simple way, considering factors like an employee’s ability to pay for a surprise medical bill, and offering personalized recommendations that will help employees make smarter financial decisions. 

The result? Employees become savvier healthcare consumers and are better prepared for the future. 

5. ALEX is loved by employees

Lastly, Jellyvision customers invest in ALEX because their employees just plain love it. 

of employees say that ALEX gave them a better understanding of their benefits
0 %
3 in 4
employees found their conversation with ALEX helpful

And while offering employees a fun, educational benefits experience is a nice concept on its own, there are bigger implications for keeping our workforces happy and engaged. As the job market continues to fluctuate and organizations look for ways to attract and retain top talent, employee benefits are an important part of the overall employer value proposition.

of employees say their company’s benefits package was important to them when deciding to accept a job offer
0 %

A tool like ALEX can set your organization apart by offering a more compelling, attention-capturing benefits experience that’s both educational and delightful for employees. That means a better return on your benefits investment, and less money wasted on refilling open roles.

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