Diabetes is one of the costliest chronic conditions for employers, with an average annual medical cost of $13,700 per person—that’s 130% higher than those without diabetes.  But when employees fully understand the healthcare resources available to them, chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension are much easier to manage through diet and lifestyle change—which means lower costs for them and for you.

That’s why ALEX now integrates with Livongo’s chronic condition management program for diabetes and hypertension. To-date, our partnership is helping employers drive big financial results:



of ALEX users with diabetes learn about Livongo’s programs.


in savings for diabetes management
per participant/year in gross medical costs when an employee uses Livongo


1 in 4

employees that learn about their care options from ALEX engage with Livongo’s services.


in savings for hypertension management
per participant/year in gross medical costs when an employee uses Livongo

*Source: Livongo savings estimates

For years, ALEX has helped millions of employees make smarter choices about their healthcare and benefits. And now, we’re proud to offer more comprehensive guidance specifically for employees with chronic conditions. 

When a Jellyvision customer offers Livongo, ALEX educates employees with diabetes or hypertension about the value of Livongo’s services. They’re encouraged to claim their account, which will help them manage their condition in the upcoming year.

And that in-the-moment guidance drives big results for both employers and their employees. With this integration, employees with diabetes or hypertension learn about Livongo benefits when using ALEX, which can save employers a combined $2,264 per year in gross medical savings in diabetes and hypertension.

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