Quiz: How Strong is Your Onboarding Strategy?

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Since the start of the Great Resignation, you’ve probably been knee-deep in prospecting, recruiting, and hiring. 

But now that you have a wave of new talent joining your organization, it’s time to shift your focus to an equally important part of the employee experience: onboarding. 

This is one of the more underrated processes at most organizations, but it shouldn’t be. Research shows that the onboarding experience can impact everything from retention rates to how new hires feel about your company to productivity levels

Despite its importance, only 12% of employees feel that their employer does a great job with onboarding. This might make you pause and wonder: how does my organization’s onboarding strategy stack up? 

Take the quiz to learn:

First things first. Do you currently have a structured onboarding program?
Next question: when does your onboarding process start?
Here’s an important one. How are you communicating your benefits during onboarding?
Let’s talk about technology. How do you use employee onboarding software?
Last question. Are you asking employees for feedback about the onboarding experience?

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