Higher Education
2600 benefit-eligible employees
Preferred PPOs, and adding HDHP with HSA plan in 2019
The Problem

Every two weeks, Loyola’s two-person benefits team ran and organized catered, new hire information sessions that’d last two to three hours. On top of that, they not only held half-hour phone calls with employees who couldn’t make the orientation, but also ended up meeting with orientation attendees who still had questions. Throw in organizing the catering, technology, and info packets for each session, and Loyola’s benefits duo knew they needed to try a different approach.

The Plan

The benefits team decided to transition to online self-orientation. They hoped that ALEX’s one-on-one help could cut down on their expensive, time-consuming orientations and reduce the time they spent answering questions.

The Outcome

The benefits duo saw a drop in employee confusion: the number of benefits-related questions they faced dropped by over half. The team has gained back the 120-140 hours a year they’d spend organizing and running each session every two weeks, plus they no longer need to spend money on catering or printed materials, saving them thousands of dollars.

“[I really responded to ALEX’s] light heartedness…[it] made it easier to understand… [and made me] laugh even though [choosing my benefits is] daunting and overwhelming.”

Employee, Loyola University Chicago

“Since there is no longer a need to repeat the same benefit information multiple times to various new hires, we now have an opportunity to focus on other daily tasks and projects. “

T. Love Benefits Specialist, Loyola University Chicago

“One of the greatest benefits is that ALEX offers employees the opportunity to learn about their benefits at a time that is most convenient for them.”

Julie Frechette Benefits Specialist, Loyola University Chicago