How a school district saves hundreds of hours of work through virtual enrollment with ALEX

saved each summer by educating new hires virtually, before their start date
shorter onboarding meetings for the benefits team

The Problem

Every summer, Prince William County Public Schools hires 1,000 teachers and support staff. For the benefits team, this means multiple 90-minute onboarding meetings and a flood of basic benefits questions.

Their HR team needed new hires to fully understand their benefits options and make smart financial choices. But with a small HR team, they were struggling to deliver high-quality guidance, and onboarding meetings were distracting the team from other big priorities.

The Plan

The school system’s HR team turned to Jellyvision for help.

The team implemented ALEX to guide employees through their benefits options, virtually—even before their first day. They shared Sneak Peek videos and links to Benefits Counselor to help new hires get a jump start on their benefits choices.

Not only did ALEX educate new hires, but he also guided employees to smart choices about their pay, savings, and benefits.

"After adding ALEX, our onboarding conversations are more meaningful. Instead of faculty asking us to explain their benefits, they say they already talked to ALEX and understand their options."
Elisa Pickette
Administrative Coordinator, Prince William County Public Schools

The Outcome

After implementing ALEX, the school system eliminated the 90-minute onboarding meetings, saved hundreds of hours of work answering basic benefits questions, and delivered a smoother onboarding experience. The team also felt “less panicked” during their busy summer hiring season.

ALEX was like a new team member that was available 24/7 that could continue answering benefits questions long after onboarding. As an added bonus, the team unlocked time to focus on high-level strategic projects that usually stayed on the back burner.

"We pride ourselves on putting our staff first. ALEX gives us one-to-one, personal guidance any time of day, 24/7."
Deborah Sparks
Director of Benefits, Prince William County Public Schools
"Great presentation, lots of options. Very personalized. Feels like I’m talking to a real person."
Employee, Prince William County Public Schools

About Prince William County Public Schools

Prince William County Public Schools is a PK-12 public school system that serves 88,000 students and over 400,000 residents of unincorporated Prince William County. It is the second-largest school division in Virginia and the fourth-largest in the Washington Metro Area.




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