How one hospital engages up to 240 new hires a week about their benefits

of surveyed employees say they have a better understanding of their benefits

The Problem

AdventHealth Orlando’s benefits team had its hands full with new hires. It onboarded hundreds of new employees each year, with up to 240 new hires a week.

While its orientation program lasted three days, the benefits team only had an hour to cover all of its benefits topics. It needed more time for employees to become engaged and familiar with their benefits in order to guide them to the right choices.

The Plan

The benefits team got ALEX to handle some of the work educating employees about their benefits and give them more (virtual) hours of engagement beyond orientation.

To encourage new hires to talk to ALEX, they gave live demos during orientations that showed employees where to turn to for personalized guidance that breaks down complex topics. This would give AdventHealth Orlando employees the chance to learn more about their benefits on their own time and find the right benefits for them.

"ALEX brings a personal touch to something people may only think about once a year. Going through your benefits isn’t fun—it’s not exciting— but ALEX gets people’s attention and keeps it.”
Mike O'Lenick
Director of Internal Communications, AdventHealth

The Outcome

AdventHealth Orlando was empowered to reach more of its employees, for longer, once it implemented ALEX. After talking to ALEX, 88% of surveyed employees said that they had a better understanding of their benefits.

ALEX also helps employees who may not have had much experience with health insurance—such as recent graduates and international employees—understand how AdventHealth Orlando’s HDHP with HSA works. With the help of ALEX’s engaging, conversational approach and choice bits of humor, AdventHealth Orlando is able to build awareness and trust around its benefits offerings, year-round.

"I really like how ALEX gives me a better understanding on what benefits to choose. It’s on a more simple level verses reading the benefits and missing something.”
AdventHealth Orlando
"When we were using PowerPoint to explain everything, employees’ eyes would just glaze over, and our surveys showed they thought the benefits topic was too complicated and took too much time. Now, with ALEX, keeping our employees engaged about their benefits during and after orientation is much easier.”
Susan Hoover
Executive Director, Human Resources, AdventHealth

About AdventHealth Orlando

AdventHealth Orlando is a 1705-bed, faith-based non-profit research and academic medical center located in Orlando, Florida.


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5,500 benefits-eligible employees

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PPO and HDHP with HSA

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