How the world’s largest advertising agency saves 200 hours per year

hours saved per year by educating new hires virtually, before their start date

The Problem

Because GroupM’s workforce skews younger, they see a higher than average staff turnover rate, at more than 30% each year.

The company’s two-person HR team is tasked with onboarding more than 1,500 employees each year, which involves hundreds of hours preparing and running meetings. New hires were often moving from their parents’ health plan to their own and were either enrolling in plans that were too expensive or taking a big risk by opting for less coverage than they really needed.

GroupM’s HR team needed to save time and help their new hires make smarter choices.

The Plan

Their HR team met with Jellyvision, and they found ALEX would engage their employees virtually, help their small HR team save time with onboarding, and take work off their plates—all while guiding employees to smart benefits and healthcare choices all year long.

GroupM found adding ALEX was like adding a new HR professional to the team—one that is available on-demand, 24/7 to provide personal, one-to-one benefits guidance. Now, the GroupM team uses New Hire Sneak Peek videos to educate their employees on benefits options before they even join the company, while they’re able to utilize Benefits Counselor, Smart Tips, and more to keep employees engaged during and after enrollment.

"ALEX has really helped us cut down on the number of calls with upset or confused employees. Now, we don't get these calls. We were able to move to virtual, video orientations where we show them how ALEX works. Employees can talk to ALEX on their own schedule through the chat feature, and it saved our two HR team members over 200 hours per year—so they can focus on programs that are more beneficial to employees.”
Verna Payne
Benefits Director, GroupM

The Outcome

Not only does ALEX help GroupM save more than 200 hours each year from reduced orientation meetings, but their new hires understand the cost and perks of their benefits.

GroupM employees are picking the HDHP option in droves, rather than defaulting to plans that are similar to their parents’ coverage. The benefits team has saved time and money, and they’re able to focus their efforts on higher-priority projects.

About GroupM

GroupM is the world’s largest media investment company, with more than 36,000 employees and 400 offices in more than 100 countries.




36,000 benefits-eligible employees

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