Free up more time for priority work with Chat.

ALEX now includes a smart chatbot to do your busy work.

Goodbye 2020. Hello 2021.

Let’s face it—we’re all ecstatic to leave 2020 in the dust. And while there’s no one word to describe the events of last year (even the Oxford English Dictionary couldn’t sum it up) we can all use this as an opportunity to take what we learned and grow from it. 

Most of the world has adapted to a completely virtual style of working. For HR teams that means open enrollment reminders were sprinkled with emojis, in-person benefits sessions were over Zoom and employee questions flooded in over email and Slack. 

Answering frequent questions is a pain.

The pandemic caused quite the chaos. It’s no wonder our customers reported an increase in employee questions about benefits this year. 

The fact is, time spent fielding questions adds up (the average cost of completing a manual HR task in 2019 was $4.51). And in our research, we found that 7 in 10 benefits questions are common and straightforward, which means HR folks waste a whole lot of time repeating themselves instead of focusing on higher-priority initiatives. That’s why we’ve introduced a smart, benefits-focused chatbot to the ALEX platform, called Chat (now available with select packages). 

avg. cost of completing a manual HR task in 2019
7 in 10
benefits questions are common and straightforward

Meet Chat—your new virtual assistant.

With over 60% of employees paying more attention to healthcare benefits, Chat is your new virtual team member (who doesn’t take sick days) to take employee questions off your plate by:

  • Minimize distractions so you have more time for high-priority work
  • Meet employees where they already look for benefits information, like an existing portal
  • Reach employees 24/7, no matter where they’re working
  • Deliver consistent answers to employees’ most common questions
“We talked about a chatbot with other vendors. This isn’t something that we could create ourselves, so Chat in ALEX will be huge for us.”
Jessica Campbell
Benefits Administrator, Concord Hospital

Chat can answer questions like, “which doctors are in-network?” “what’s my deductible?” and “how much is urgent care?” Benefits are confusing, and Chat helps employees navigate their plans and make wise choices all year long. It also connects them to any cost-saving programs or tools you offer (like prescription drug comparison tools or chronic condition management programs) in the moments they’re asking questions and they need support. 

We surveyed thousands of employees across the country to uncover the most common benefits questions and build them into Chat. Plus, the more questions asked, the smarter Chat gets. Responses are configurable so you can point employees to your resources with consistent answers across the board. And if Chat doesn’t know an answer, it will point employees to the next best place to find the answer, whether that’s a website, intranet page or an email.

Promote smart choices year-round.

The pandemic may have forced us to go virtual faster than we anticipated, but this new normal will improve how HR teams operate for years to come. At Jellyvision, we’re streamlining how you educate your employees on their benefits, saving you time and giving your employees a better experience. By promoting smart choices year-round, Chat is helping us achieve our mission of reducing the cost of benefits confusion. 

Stay tuned for more ALEX updates this year!

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