Build stronger client relationships with ALEX’s refreshed platform capabilities

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Introducing new features, content and workflows to ALEX’s broker toolset—so you can spend less time configuring ALEX, and more time serving your clients. 

The spotlight on health care benefits has never been brighter due to COVID-19. In fact, almost 60% of employees plan on paying more attention to benefits in the current climate. Benefits consultants in particular need a way to keep up with demands and be more responsive to their clients. That’s why hundreds of employers and brokers (and millions of employees) rely on ALEX for year-round benefits education and resources. And now, we’re introducing new ALEX features that make it even easier for brokers to build stronger client relationships.

DIY is now ALEX Essentials.

ALEX’s package for smaller employers, formerly known as DIY, just got a transformation and a new name—ALEX Essentials. While ALEX is for clients of all sizes, the ALEX Essentials package is ideal for groups with 2,000 benefits-eligible employees or fewer. 

This July, broker partners can enjoy these new features in ALEX Essentials:    

  • Guidance to help consider savings and cash flow when choosing a health plan—helping users avoid big out-of-pocket surprises.
  • Optional ALEX logins which personalize the user experience by growing with the user each year, and provides clients with more meaningful data.
  • COVID-related content to arm users with essential information about coverage for testing and treatment.
  • Support for matched HSA contribution designs for more accurate and personalized ALEX recommendations.
  • Offer clients more personalization with configurable, industry-specific backgrounds in Benefits Sneak Peek. 
  • Enhancements to ALEX Central and ALEX IQ, including a new look and feel to help your clients access insights and find promotional materials faster.
  • Refreshed art, humor, and optimized conversation flows backed by data for a better user experience.

But that’s not all! We’ve saved the best upgrade for last. 

Configuration has never been easier with ALEX Builder. 

We’re rolling out a new, more intuitive configuration tool that’s jam packed with upgrades to make implementing ALEX Essentials a breeze for your team. Say hello to ALEX Builder.

With ALEX Builder you can: 

  • Configure clients faster with a new, user-friendly experience that offers more configuration flexibility. 
  • Integrate ALEX Essentials into your clients’ PlanSource instance for seamless and more impactful enrollments.
  • Take advantage of Jellyvision’s new Builder Assist service when you need a hand getting ALEX Essentials up and running quickly.
  • Reduce headaches and access Benefits Sneak Peek without additional contracts.
  • Experience simplified workflows for tax-advantaged accounts.

We understand that now is a stressful time for HR teams and brokerages that are already stretched thin. Our purpose is to be helpful, and our product teams have been hard at work improving our platform, packages and tools to help set you and your clients up for future success.


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