Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty. We asked HR pros and employees about the real results they saw from mental health benefits. What actually makes a difference? Answers were … interesting, to say the least. 


of HR professionals believe their mental health benefits help employees

37% strongly agreed, 47% somewhat agreed


of employees don’t feel supported

10% strongly disagreed, 14% somewhat disagreed

This doesn’t automatically point to benefits failure. As a friendly reminder, employees can’t feel supported if they don’t know the benefits exist! (Recall what we learned in the last section: 20% of employees said they thought their employer didn’t offer any mental health benefits). For those team members that don’t feel proper support, it could be a case of crossed wires or lack of engagement.

HR: As an organization, the mental health coverage and related benefits we provide offer meaningful support for employees’ mental health.

Employees: The mental health coverage and related benefits my organization provides offer meaningful support for my mental health.

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