How much could your organization save with ALEX?

A Return-On-Investment Calculator

Healthcare costs are rising at record rates, and companies of all sizes are tightening their belts. The best way to eliminate wasted spending? Helping your employees make smarter, more informed benefits decisions.

of employees choose the wrong healthcare plan Source
0 %
of employees choose the wrong healthcare plan
0 %

And it all starts with ALEX, our industry-leading benefits engagement platform that expertly guides your workforce toward the right choices for their own personal health and wallet.

This handy-dandy calculator will show you just how much your organization could save with the help of ALEX.

Savings are a step away!

But first, we need a couple of deets...

of employer health insurance premiums influenced by ALEX
$ 0 B
employees trust ALEX to make benefits choices
0 M
of employees say ALEX helped them better understand their benefits
56 %

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