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Money on their Minds: The State of Employee Benefits in a Post-Pandemic Workforce

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2020 is behind us, but we’re still reeling from the repercussions. This past year, many employees experienced financial hardships, cared for a sick loved one and interacted with the healthcare system more than ever before. We wanted to know: did the experiences of 2020 change employees’ expectations of their benefits for 2021 and beyond? We surveyed employees to find out. 

The results reveal that this year, HR leaders have reason to celebrate: employees feel good about their benefits packages overall. Congrats! But what don’t employees feel good about? Benefits selection and education. They are stressed, want more information from their employer and are worried about overpaying. 

Get the report to access surprising insights that will guide benefits planning and HR strategy as we close the book on a tough 2020, and dive into 2021.

Key findings include:

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