In positive news, in 2021, most employers understand the importance of mental wellness and offer at least some type of mental health benefit. Only 12% of HR professionals said their company didn’t.

What’s the most popular, you may ask? Well, we were curious too.

While digging into the MVP mental health offerings, we did uncover some discrepancies. For example, despite HR leader’s best intentions, it seems their employees don’t always know about available benefits. Our data showed:

Two-thirds of employers say they offer an EAP, but on the flip side, only one-third of employees are aware of available EAPs. There’s definitely a disconnect there! 

Moreover, 21% of employees say their employer doesn’t offer any mental health benefits. That means 9% are unfortunately misinformed (as only 12% of HR folks said they don’t offer those benefits).

LuAnn Heinen, Vice President of Wellbeing and Workforce Strategy at the Business Group on Health reiterates that employees don’t always know where to get care, and the urgency needed to address this problem. “We already had high rates of depression and anxiety, as well as stigma and access problems that prevented many from getting care. And now all that’s compounded.”

The Problem

Employees don’t know how to find or access the mental health resources you offer.  

The Solution

Help employees discover resources and care options on their own time. 

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