We are not here to drag you down! That was not the goal of our survey and report. Let’s shift focus to the issues and how to solve them. With all these disconnects, a common denominator is engagement with benefits. 

A quarter of HR folks said their employees aren’t actively engaging with benefits. When we asked, “why not?,” the overwhelming response had to do with confusion and communication.

HR: Employees are aware of and using current mental health benefits.

Here’s a sampling of the answers we received when we asked, “What do you believe is prohibiting employees from becoming aware of or using current mental health benefits?”

  • “The company doesn’t think they gain many benefits, so it’s not communicated very well.”
  • “It’s not really discussed.”
  • “Not enough communication through the right channels.”
  • “It’s not known or commonly used—you have to ask for it.”

When we tapped the employees about what’s stopping them from using their mental health benefits (other than cost), a similar picture was painted. The roadblocks don’t have to do with a lack of faith in available resources but plain old confusion on how to use them.

What prevents employees from using mental health benefits? They don’t know what’s available and they don’t understand the offerings.

Employees: What prevents you from using available mental health benefits?

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