How a Canadian aviation company covers U.S. benefits with ALEX

of ALEX users said the medical information presented was helpful

The Problem

A leading aviation company based in Canada employs 250 people in the United States. U.S. health benefits were a mystery for the Canada-based HR team—and studies have shown that most U.S. employees find learning about their benefits to be complicated, time-consuming, and stressful.

The company’s HR leaders needed additional resources to seamlessly support all of their employees during open enrollment. In fact, in a recent company survey, the biggest takeaway was that employees reported a lack of communication and understanding of their benefits.

“Employee communications and open enrollment capabilities and tools were the biggest pain points for them,” said Will Spinelli, Benefits Consultant, Marsh & McLennan Agency. “Honestly, it was probably the most important thing they were assessing in a new broker partner.”

The Plan

Spinelli tapped Jellyvision to help present the client with an option that could meet the need for U.S. benefits education and engagement. ALEX’s Benefits Counselor, which asks employees a series of questions and helps guide them to the best medical plan for their needs, helped to round out MMA’s other offerings.

"I think ALEX is a really great tool because it hits on a lot of things that are important to our clients—taking the burden and time commitment off of HR’s plate by answering a ton of benefits questions. And employees appreciate tools and resources that are put in place that support them. So, it really is a win on both sides.”
WiIl Spinelli
Benefits Consultant, Marsh & McLennan Agency

The Outcome

Spinelli credits ALEX with being a huge part of how he was able to meet the company’s challenge of covering its U.S. medical plans for U.S.-based employees. By rolling out ALEX Essentials to its U.S. employees during the most recent open enrollment period, the company was able to increase year-over-year HDHP participation, saving the company money.

“To be able to sit there with a prospect who’s struggling with communication and looking to take the burden of answering a million questions around the medical plan and their benefits off of their plate—it’s a nice story to tell that ALEX will bring their employees through a series of questions that’s going to help them and understand what’s best for them,” Spinelli said. “And these simple, one-off questions they’re getting all over the place will probably be solved.”

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