How a healthcare network drove greater adoption of their HDHP and voluntary benefits

increase in HDHP participation
the HSA contributions, as of mid-year 2021
increase in voluntary benefits adoption

The Problem

A healthcare network wanted to increase benefits awareness and improve retention, but personnel changes left just one HR employee to engage with 165 employees across seven locations. It needed to go fully self-service in its next open enrollment while simultaneously driving more adoption of its HDHP, HSA savings and engagement with voluntary benefits options.

The Plan

The consultants at HUB International wanted to deliver a solution to fit the physician network’s needs while taking budgetary concerns into account.

“Because of the high deductible cost, not many people were migrating towards the HDHP,” explains Ashley Dale, Associate Benefit Consultant at HUB International. “They weren’t even looking at the premium difference in the monthly savings. So, one of their goals was not only to provide an extra tool from a recruitment and retention standpoint, but also to be able to provide employees with additional education that might financially benefit them as well as benefit the company.”

Ashley knew Jellyvision’s benefits engagement package, ALEX Essentials, would help the health network reach its goal of driving smart enrollment decisions through the ALEX benefits engagement platform. ALEX Essentials was affordable through a strategic partnership between Jellyvision and HUB. Jellyvision and HUB were able to collaborate and provide data points to the carrier to show enough value where carrier credits were available. After all, ALEX would drive more enrollment in the voluntary benefits offerings.

"Clients often task us with finding ways to differentiate them from other employers in the market. ALEX helps make extra benefits more of a valuable product in the eyes of the employees because they’re getting the education on it, and they're seeing what the overall cost of their benefits will look like as well."
Ashley Dale
Associate Benefit Consultant, HUB International

The Outcome

With help from ALEX and HUB, the health network drove an 11% increase in HDHP adoption, and enrolled employees have been contributing more than double their HSA contributions compared with the previous year. The health network saw more than 90 visits to ALEX’s life and disability insurance modules, helping to increase voluntary benefits adoption by nearly 15%.

More importantly, for the client, ALEX increases benefits awareness and ensures they stand out as an employer-of-choice through world-class benefit offerings. And HUB International fulfilled its client’s needs while keeping costs down—for the company, its employees, and the consultant alike.

About HUB International

The health network offers physician services in more than 30 specialties in seven locations in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area.




165 employees

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