Introducing (the updated) ALEX Go—a compact benefits experience available in English and Spanish

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Originally published 4/26/21, updated 2/21/23.

Since 2009, ALEX has helped businesses reduce the cost of benefits confusion with our interactive, one-on-one conversation we call Benefits Counselor. By and large, employees enjoy talking to ALEX through Benefits Counselor because it’s built on behavioral science and predictive analytics, working to keep employees engaged through conversation and a little humor.

But your employees aren’t one size fits all. You may have employees who don’t need such in-depth education but they still want a helping hand understanding their best-fit options during open enrollment. Or maybe they work in the field or are constantly on the go and just want quick answers—not the full Benefits Counselor experience. 

Meet employees where they are.

To help you meet employee needs for more flexibility, we have ALEX Go, a text-based mobile-first version of Benefits Counselor. ALEX Go is available in English and Spanish so you can give your employees another way to receive benefits recommendations and better support your Spanish-speaking employees. Not only has ALEX Go received some updates to how it looks, we’ve made it smarter! With a combination of behavioral science and predictive analytics the recommendations from ALEX Go are new, improved, and more accurate.

Although Benefits Counselor can be accessed by smartphone today, ALEX Go is built with mobile in mind, which is especially important given current trends—more than 59% of web traffic comes from mobile phones, compared with desktop and tablets, a trend that is only continuing toward mobile.

ALEX Overview

Offer a new way to interact with ALEX. 

ALEX Go omits the art, voiceover, and animation you’d typically see in Benefits Counselor. It’s great for anyone who might not want to engage with the full interactive conversation but still guides them to smart choices through a series of questions. 

Employees can choose to opt into this experience, should they prefer it over today’s Benefits Counselor experience, and they can even choose to get either a personalized estimate or a quick, ballpark estimate for costs. Through a series of on-screen forms, they’ll provide ALEX the information needed to determine which benefits they’re eligible for. 

Similar to Benefits Counselor today, ALEX will then provide medical plan and tax-saving (HSA/FSA) recommendations based on estimated healthcare usage and annual plan costs. Finally, employees receive a summary of their choices (both within the experience and emailed), plus a link to their enrollment site to choose those recommendations. 

ALEX Go desktop and mobile example

Provide support for your Spanish-speaking employees. 

ALEX Go is also available in Spanish so you can give your Spanish-speaking employees benefits recommendations in their preferred language. 80% of HR pros agree that their organization must ask what more they can do to help employees access the care they need. And with Spanish being the second-most spoken language in the U.S., we want to make sure ALEX can accommodate your non-English speakers so they can get benefits recommendations, too.  

As you take steps towards making your benefits package more inclusive, our team is dedicated to building products that capture attention and keep employees engaged in smart choices—even when they’re out and about. ALEX Go is now available, at no additional cost with any ALEX package. This year, the experience will focus on driving optimal medical plan and tax-savings decisions, with more plans to build out ALEX Go next year.  

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