7 Songs to Inspire HR Pros to Crush It This Year

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Are you feeling that beginning-of-the-year motivation to make the new year spectacular slowly slip away? Is your awesome New Year’s resolution a distant memory? Has your jubilant dance upon the grave of last year faded into more of a slow, clomping jig?

Well, fade no more, folks. Here’s a playlist of seven inspiring songs to help you reach your goals this year. And with jams like these, you’ll be dancing (and checking things off your to-do list) all year round.

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#1: Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

Everything is better when it feels like a montage straight out of an action film–even paperwork! Print your documents and staple your packets to the tune of this classic jam, and you’ll feel like you can defeat even the strongest urges to procrastinate. Just, try not to accidentally sign any important forms with the name Rocky Balboa, okay?

#2: Donna Summer – Stamp Your Feet

This song is really great if you have a lot of envelopes you need to add stamps to–maybe you’re sending out some postcards to your hard-to-reach employees, or just getting some admin stuff done! However, in order for it to work, you have to loudly shout ‘ENVELOPE’ every time Donna Summer says ‘FEET’ in the song. Will you bother your officemates? Absolutely. Is it worth it anyway? Only if you love the queen of disco as much as I do.

#3: Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

You may know Carly Rae Jepsen as a musical phenom, a style icon, and a prophet for our time. However, did you know she is also a fantastic networker? Little known fact: Carly Rae Jepsen’s classic tune ‘Call Me Maybe’ was actually written about the time she met a fellow HR professional at a conference and gave him her number so they could potentially swap insights about crafting effective employee communication strategies. So if your professional goals involve networking, maybe this is the inspirational tune for you!

#4: Dr. Jean – Banana Song

Maybe your professional goals are all lunch-based. Hey, who are we to judge? You could be meeting with your team, checking in with a higher-up, or just taking some much needed time to yourself. Either way, you can jam with Dr. Jean while you eat! She’s great at listing healthy foods and telling you to peel them, and isn’t that just what you need when preparing a nutritious lunch? Just don’t hate me when this song is stuck in your head for the next thousand years.

#5: Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Maybe your company went through a rough break-up with some of your old plans last year. Maybe you had to forego a higher corporate 401k match for a new HSA; maybe some dentists were dropped from coverage while new doctors were added on. Either way, it’s the new year now, and there’s no looking back. Turn on some T-Swizzles and dance around in your PJs as you embrace the benefits changes, good and bad–and focus on helping your employees do the same!

#6: Schoolhouse Rock – I’m Just A Bill

Healthcare laws are always changing. Whether you’re dealing with the fallout of the overtime law ruling, or just prepping for the future, it’s always good to go back to basics. And who knows? Maybe the motivational story of Bill transforming into a law will inspire you to transform from an awesome HR pro to an even more awesome HR pro. Sounds impossible, but hey, you never cease to surprise us

#7: Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

I’ve got to deliver some hard truth here. You are, unfortunately, not a robot. You are a human who must breathe, eat, drink, sleep, sneeze, et cetera. However, with the electrosynth sounds of Daft Punk, you may be able to channel the unfeeling efficiency of an android, if only for the three minutes and forty-three seconds that the song lasts. So use your new superpower to your advantage: write that email you’ve been dreading! Finish your hardest weekly report! Give your most boring relative a call! And whatever it is, do it like a robot would. (Note: a nice robot, like WALL-E. Not an evil, take-over-the-world robot, like Megatron or the Roomba I had as a child that tried to eat my foot).

Thus completes our list. Jam on, HR pros. Here’s to a rockin’ new year!

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