There’s a lot of talk in the news right now about “returning to work” after COVID-19. But it’s clear to most employers (and their employees) that work as a construct has fundamentally changed.

That’s why we put out a call to experts from a broad range of backgrounds and industries to find out how today’s leaders are coping with the current moment, and hear more about their visions for the future of work. 

In a series of panel discussions, we explored what we’ve learned from working during COVID-19, and how we’ll move forward. How can we use this moment to make our future workplaces better, rather than going “back to normal?” And how can we emerge from 2020 stronger, wiser, and more helpful to each other?

Inside this eBook:

  • Thoughts from Jellyvision CEO, Amanda Lannert, and other top execs from a variety of industries
  • Ideas for managing a team remotely, based on years of experience and what we’ve learned in the last several months
  • Insights and predictions for what the future of work looks like post-COVID

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