Planning open enrollment during a pandemic is uncharted territory for all of us. So as we head into the fall, we’re turning to a few of our favorite HR experts for a little inspiration and guidance.

Here are a few of our favorite recent podcast episodes from industry leaders. They’re offering advice for how to navigate open enrollment while we’re working from home, how to rebuild trust with employees during an uncertain time, and how to improve workforce engagement during a crisis. 

Happy listening! 

1. How to Conduct Open Enrollment Online

HR Party of One

Host Ryan McCostlin knows that open enrollment is going to look a little different this year. Gone are the days of picking up a couple dozen donuts, inviting all of your employees to an all-hands morning meeting, and explaining your benefits package with an hour-long PowerPoint. Check out HR Party of One’s tips for effectively communicating open enrollment online, while many of us are stuck working at home. 

2. Adapting Employee Benefits to a Work from Home Culture

Benefits Influencer

Dennis Carlson, founder of Agency Leverage, catches up with Chris Wopert of GBS to talk about how brokers and advisors can help their clients transition to working from home during COVID. Take a listen for trips on how to streamline the benefits conversation and increase engagement by meeting employees where they are. 

3. Communication and Workforce Engagement During a Crisis

HR Happy Hour

Employee communication and education is one of the most important aspects of open enrollment. So before you start sending company-wide emails, listen to Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane discuss the importance of workforce engagement during a crisis, and how to make sure employees feel safe and informed. They’ll also share ideas for how leadership should adapt during challenging times, and how HR and business leaders should continue to focus on employee recognition and shared purpose.

4. How to Use Technology to Build Connections and Improve Engagement

Nine to Thrive HR

You don’t have to tell us twice. Technology is the answer to all (okay, most) of our problems while we’re all stuck at home. Nine to Thrive HR shares how technology can improve employee engagement during open enrollment and beyond—by reinforcing a sense of connection, and leveraging insights to take meaningful action.

5. Building Trust in Uncertain Times

TalentCulture #WorkTrends

Recent Jellyvision research reveals that as COVID drags on, employees have an increasingly negative impression of their employers. And open enrollment is the perfect opportunity to combat that trend and rebuild trust by reminding employees of the resources available to them.

#WorkTrends catches up with Iain Moffat, Chief Global Officer of MHR International, to talk about the importance of safety, relationships, and purpose as the cornerstones for building real trust in today’s workplace — and radically strengthening the company culture during open enrollment and beyond. 

6. NextDoor Head of People, Bryan Power, Talks About Coronavirus Response

21st Century HR

As we’re all navigating how to communicate with employees during a COVID-era open enrollment, it can be helpful to hear how other companies are doing it. Listen to HR leader, Bryan Power, talk about how NextDoor is adjusting their employee engagement strategy to account for new communication challenges, how he’s working with the executive team to adapt as the situation unfolds, and to hear his advice for other leaders right now.


Employee Views on Personal Finances and Benefits During COVID-19: A Jellyvision Impact Report