2017 OE Playbook

The Ultimate Benefits and Open Enrollment Communication Playbook

Jellyvision Benefits Communication, Open Enrollment Communication

Congratulations! You’re just seconds away from being the proud owner of The Ultimate Open Enrollment Communication Playbook.

Jam-packed with unusually helpful planning, content creation, and promotion-related resources, this 51-page guide is the perfect open enrollment sidekick for any benefits team that wants to have a less stressful and more engaging open enrollment this year.

Download the eBook to get access to:

• 19 video how-tos, blog posts, and webinars
• An improved 4-month benefits and open enrollment communication schedule
• 9 outside-of-the-box communication tips
• 3 all-new benefits cocktail recipes to both help you through OE…and celebrate that it’s over
• And more checklists, templates, and links to other resources than you’ll know what to do with