This is the second year in a row where we’ve said, “Well, that was a year like never before.”

And it’s safe to say that 2022 will continue to have its ups, downs and surprises — especially in the world of benefits and HR. So we took some time to *virtually* chat with C-suite members, HR professionals and thought leaders to pick their brains on how we can prepare for another rollercoaster of a year. 

Between the “Great Resignation,” talent shortages, nationwide vaccine mandates and overall exhaustion felt by the greater HR community, these folks offered us real insights and tips that you can actually use as you start the new year. We know as HR and benefits professionals, your main job is to support your employees, but we want to ensure that someone’s supporting you, too! So, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and dive into our five hot takes for the HR space in 2022. 

Meet the HR Experts

We chatted with a wide range of leaders, from C-suite to authors to HR to social media influencers and thought leaders, all with one thing in common — they work with employees in the HR realm.

Alan Walker


Grant Aldrich

Founder & CEO,
Online Degree

Anna Papalia

Shift Profile

Patti Naiser

Senior Home Transitions

Tina Hawk

SVP Human Resources,

John Baldino

President of Humareso,
HR Thought Leader

Larry Brand

Chief Human Resources Officer,

Adam Perry

VP People,

Dr. Amy Dufrane


Beth Pinkerton

Director of Human Resources,

Steve Browne

Chief People Officer,
LaRosa’s, Inc.

Stephen Curry


Deb Gordon

Author and Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellow,
Health care innovation executive

Jon Hill

Chairman & CEO,
The Energists

Micole Garatti

Engagement Manager at Aspect 43,
HR Thought Leader

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