The C-suite believes they’re offering better healthcare resources, but HR doesn’t agree.

My company has been increasing our investment in healthcare and wellness.

Respondents who strongly agree

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The C-suite is nearly 2X more likely to strongly believe they are increasing health and wellness investments.

Despite rapidly increasing benefits and healthcare spending, companies are doubling down on their investment in health and wellness. So while they’re worried about the rising costs, they also want to keep up with the Joneses as far as offerings. Rightfully so, as in 2021, your benefits need to serve a diverse employee population, help you compete for and retain top talent, promote productivity, and most importantly—support your team.  

However, there’s a disconnect here as well. While 89% of the C-suite strongly or somewhat agree they’re increasing benefits investments, only 74% of HR folks think the same. And when we compare the people who most strongly agree, the misalignment between HR and C-suite becomes even more pronounced. The C-suite is nearly 2X more likely to strongly believe they are increasing health and wellness investments.

Section 4 takeaways:

What’s it mean?

At the end of the day, what’s even more important than increasing investment in health and wellness? Maximizing your return on investment. You can spend all the money you want on healthcare and benefits, if you don’t see new advantages for your team members or company, that’s not money well spent. It’s all for nothing unless employees are engaging with those benefits throughout the year. 

The Solution

Put simply, when you spend more money on health or benefits, you need to spend more time on employee benefits education. To maximize your investment, it’s critical to ensure that employees understand and engage with those new options. And not just at enrollment! (A common blunder of so many organizations), but at every moment that matters. Educate, assist, and support your team throughout the year to make the most of your investment in health and wellness. You can provide world-class health benefits, but it only makes a difference when employees choose and use those offerings.

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