There is one area, arguably the most important area, where HR and the C-suite (nearly) agree: The solution

When asked about the most important tactics to reign in healthcare spending, HR and C-suite chose the same strategy: Empowering employees to make smart benefits and care decisions.

More than half of HR professionals and two thirds of the C-suite think empowering employees is the key to reining in healthcare spend.

Everyone agrees that driving engagement with the right benefits, at the right time, leads to lower costs. Phew…at least we found agreement somewhere. 🙌🏼 

Which of the following strategies are most important to control healthcare and benefits costs for the business?

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Section 6 takeaways:

What’s it mean?

Survey says….employee education is the best way to address rising healthcare costs. HR is also nearly as likely to opt for additional care options (such as on-site clinics or telemedicine). 

The data further illuminates the power of benefits engagement on your business’s budget.

The Solution

As both camps agree, empowering employees is the best way to address challenging healthcare costs. Whether you’re C-suite or HR, the best support you can offer is helping employees engage with their benefits in the most effective ways for them. This will decrease confusion, improper healthcare usage, and costs—for the company and its staff. 

Remember, the right benefits choices benefit both employers and their employees.

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