Say goodbye to costly benefits confusion.

Outside your control

Fee for service

Provider cost variance

Outdated provider administration systems

Middle payer models

Government regulations

Within your control

Plan selection

Prescription drugs

Avoiding the ER

Managing chronic conditions 

Saving for retirement

Paying for care

The problem with healthcare spending is that some things are within your control, but some just … aren’t. Things like government regulations and outdated systems aren’t problems you can solve overnight. So, what is within your control? Helping employees make choices that benefit you and them: plan selection, chronic condition management, avoiding the ER… the list goes on. 

In short, this all boils down to benefits engagement. And helping you get your employees engaged with their benefits is our specialty. 

With ALEX, Jellyvision’s benefits engagement platform, you can help your employees choose and use their benefits in a way that benefits everyone. Through the power of behavioral science, ALEX helps you guide your employees to smart choices by keeping their attention, gaining their trust, and providing recommendations based on individual health and wealth needs. ALEX helps you:  

  • Explain your rich benefits offerings so employees understand the benefits that are right for their needs and make smart enrollment choices. Instead of over-insuring in costly plans, employees get the personalized enrollment support they deserve—saving you and your employees time and money.
  • Intercept employees at key moments as they make care choices throughout the year. ALEX has the resources to answer employee questions 24/7 and connect them to your cost-saving tools and programs as they’re relevant—ensuring your benefits are being used to their fullest potential. 
  • Promote your cost-reduction strategies and guide your HSA-eligible employees to smart day-to-day spending and savings choices. With a suite of consumer-directed health accounts, ALEX HSA takes advantage of when employees use their HSA account to grab their attention and turn them into better consumers—helping you drive better financial outcomes.


This survey was conducted in March 2021 by SurveyMonkey on behalf of Jellyvision. It surveyed 200 human resources professionals and 200 C-suite executives.

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