How an insurance company makes it work with only one benefits team member

annual open enrollment informational meetings eliminated
of associates chatted with ALEX

The Problem

How does a company with just one benefits team member adequately explain benefits options to its employees?

The Allianz Group found itself with no easy way to coordinate the schedules of all its associates at its 24/7 call center. It had to hold 12 meetings during the two weeks of open enrollment every year.

With these limited resources, Allianz had difficulty explaining its benefits to its employees. It needed a more effective, cost-efficient way to help employees choose the right plan.

The Plan

Allianz enlisted ALEX to help ease OE meeting madness. Associates had access to all the benefits help and information they needed—including 800-plus resources available on ALEX Central—on their own time.

Instituting ALEX helped Allianz reach its employees regardless of what time of day they were working. ALEX was like a second virtual employee to assist its sole benefits team member.

"We’re primarily an operations company, and 80% of our employees work in a call center. It’s very hard to schedule associates off the phones so they can come to open enrollment meetings. With ALEX, we didn’t have to. They could talk to ALEX whenever they wanted, and that removed a lot of the burden for us.”
Laura Moore
Health and Wellness Specialist, Allianz Global Assistance

The Outcome

Getting ALEX to help was the right move for Allianz. The company saw an incredible 100% participation rate. That’s extra time with each and every employee to make sure they’re aware of their benefits options, which plan they should choose, and how they can save more money.

Plus, the company was able to replace the dozen time-consuming OE meetings it was holding with just two simple Q&A sessions, saving time for everyone. And time savings equal money savings, as well as more bandwidth to focus on other priorities.

"This explained everything very well. Before ALEX, I never felt like I actually understood the coverage or options.”
Allianz Global Assistance

About The Allianz Group

The Allianz Group is a leading insurance and asset management company, with more than 100 million retail and corporate customers in more than 70 countries.




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