How one benefits associate got nearly half of her work week back

of employees surveyed say they better understand their benefits
of HR time was freed up by ALEX

The Problem

Those little tasks we’re asked to do every day can really add up to a huge time suck each week.

This was no more true than it was for Axiom’s benefits associate. She found she was spending a lot of her time responding to benefits questions—can I cover my spouse? How much is my copay? Answering questions like these accounted for up to 40% of her work week.

Upon learning this, Axiom’s People and Learning team knew they needed to free up her time while still giving employees personalized guidance about their benefits.

The Plan

The team needed something better than a simple FAQ page; they needed something to help answer simple questions while breaking down complex subjects so employees could truly understand their benefits.

Axiom enlisted ALEX to help provide answers to employee questions through Benefits Counselor, which is available with every ALEX package. It would also help Axiom engage its large population of remote and virtual team members who couldn’t participate in face-to-face conversations. And it would do this without burning out Axiom’s one-woman HR team.

"The number one question that always comes up for us is, ‘Well, which plan should I choose?’ I don’t think people coming out of the sessions we used to hold would have said they had a better understanding of their benefits. But with ALEX, 77% of our team members now say they understand their benefits better, and that to me is a huge win and a real measure of success. To come out with those numbers is pretty exciting.”
Erin Miramontes
Senior Manager of Global Benefits, Axiom Global, Inc.

The Outcome

Axiom was delighted not only to see improved communications and time savings, but also added awareness about its benefits options. Employees increasingly switched from its POS to its HDHP with HSA options—plans that had been launched two years prior.

All of that activity adds up to savings for Axiom and its employees. Its HR associate gets nearly half of her work week back to focus on other priorities, employees get their questions answered right away so they can go back to work, and they get guidance to choose the best benefits plan for them as well as information about cost-saving programs.

"ALEX is great. This is the best I’ve ever understood my benefits!”
Axiom Global, Inc.

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