Boost HSA savings by $300 per employee with ALEX Essentials + PlanSource integration

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Expanded integration into ALEX Essentials

Last year, we announced an exciting partnership with PlanSource to integrate ALEX with PlanSource’s benefits shopping experience. With this integration, ALEX personalizes benefits education and recommendations at the exact moment of enrollment in PlanSource—helping employees make wallet-friendlier choices. 

Now, we’re excited to share that brokers and consultants can take advantage of this integration too, with the ALEX Essentials package.

Watch a sneak peek of the integration!

Implementing technology to contain costs

As healthcare costs continue on an upward trajectory, we’re always looking for new ways to support brokers and their clients. According to a 2017 survey, 83% of brokers report that their clients look to them for help controlling their healthcare costs. Pair that with the fact that 3 out of 4 adults think access to employer-sponsored benefits is more important now than ever due to COVID-19, and brokers really have their work cut out for them this open enrollment season. 

Increase in HSA savings per employee after using ALEX integrated in PlanSource, compared to those that did not use ALEX
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One way to help employers mitigate costs is to offer a tech-forward, seamless user experience that helps employees learn about and choose their benefits in one simple place. When a broker offers the ALEX + PlanSource integration to their clients, they’re providing a top-notch enrollment experience paired with a tool that engages, educates, and changes and employee behaviors to decrease unnecessary spending. 

Real savings with a seamless experience 

In fact, employers who leverage the ALEX + PlanSource integration, like Beacon Health System, see a $300 bump in HSA savings per employee compared to those who do not use ALEX. So a one-of-a-kind benefits enrollment experience like this could make you a real hero to clients who are looking to boost their bottom line this year.

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